Are we really ready for genome mapping and molecular breeding?

It does not matter what genome of what species. What matters is that when the atheistic scientists who have no conception of the Universe as a Whole start to get ‘creative’, the visual effects are quite impressive but the inner “octaves” of species disappear, those very properties designed to help human beings in fulfilling their purpose of existence. The question of a non-scientist for a scientist is:
What is the purpose of human existence?
And if they are not able to give a satisfactory answer, should not they be asked to postpone the genetic manipulation of species before they find the sound answer? I know for sure the Universe is designed according to the Ray of Creation and they know for sure we do not originate from apes, so under such circumstances, I appeal to those with Reason: Please start to study the esoteric science, accessible to us over more than 100 years before you bring us to the Noe Arch.

This group of three-brained beings fleeing from the country of Maralpleicie, among whom were these twin brothers, the future great learned beings, crossed the eastern heights of Maralpleicie and settled on the shores of a large water space. “They later formed a settled group inhabiting a country which still exists today and which is known as ‘China. ‘ “Well then, in this new place of their permanent existence called ‘China,’ these same two brothers were the first, after the loss of the continent of Atlantis, to ascertain and cognize the fundamental cosmic law of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh. “It is a most interesting and curious circumstance that the initial source of this discovery of theirs was the totality of cosmic substances localized in that same surplanetary formation called there ‘papaveroon,’ or ‘poppy ‘ As I have already said, it was owing to the pernicious habit of chewing the seeds of this poppy that their great-grandfather, King Koniutsion, first invented for his subjects his famous ‘religious teaching. ‘ “Evidently these two great terrestrial learned beings had inherited from their ancestor, King Koniutsion, in addition to the ability to recognize and understand their being-duty
toward their fellow beings, a passionate interest in the study of this product, which has always been one of the innumerable harmful factors for bringing the psyche of your favorites, already enfeebled without this, to its ultimate degeneracy. “In order that you may better represent to yourself and understand just why this small surplanetary formation I mentioned, named ‘papaveroon’ or ‘poppy,’ enabled these exceptional terrestrial learned beings to rediscover that most great cosmic law, you must know first of all that on all planets, among all kinds of surplanetary and intraplanetary formations in general, and particularly among formations called ‘flora,’ there arise, for the purposes of the transformation of common-cosmic substances during the process of Iraniranumange, three classes of crystallizations. “The crystallizations belonging to the first class are called ‘oonastralnian arisings’, those belonging to the second class, ‘okhtastralnian arisings’, and those belonging to the third class, ‘polormedekhtic arisings.’ “Through the ‘oonastralnian arisings” there are transformed in the course of evolutionary or involutionary processes those cosmic crystallizations, or !active elements,’ which are derived only from substances transformed by that planet itself on which this kind of surplanetary or intraplanetary formation exists for the purposes of the common-cosmic Iraniranumange. “Through the ‘okhtastralnian arisings’ there are transformed, besides the cosmic crystallizations I have mentioned, also those ‘active elements’ which are derived from the substances transformed by the sun itself and by the other planets of the given solar system. “And through the arisings of the third class, namely the ‘polormedekhtic,’ there are transformed, besides the cosmic crystallizations of the first two classes, all those ‘active elements’ corning from the transformation of substances of various cosmic concentrations belonging to other ‘solar systems’ of our common Megalocosmos. “The surplanetary formation known on your planet by the name of ‘poppy’ belongs to the class of polormedekhtic arisings, and through it there evolves or involves the totality of results of the transformation of all other ‘cosmic center-of-gravity concentrations’ penetrating the atmosphere of this planet of yours through the common-cosmic process of what is called the ‘universal diffusion of the radiations of all kinds of cosmic concentrations.
“And so, my boy, after these two great terrestrial learned beings, Choon-KilTess and Choon-Tro-Pel, were more or less settled in their new place of permanent existence in that still quite young China, they resumed the intentional fulfillment—interrupted through no fault of theirs—of beingpartkdolgduty in the professional field chosen for their responsible existence, namely, scientific research in the branch called ‘medicine. ‘ “They then undertook a study of the totality of cosmic substances which your favorites had long since learned to extract from that polormedekhtic plant and had named ‘opium,’ a word denoting in the language of the beings of that group, ‘dream-maker. ‘ “These two great brothers began to investigate this opium because they, as well as many other three-brained beings of that time, noticed that on introducing a certain preparation of this substance into themselves, every painful sensation temporarily disappeared. “First of all, they set out to study the action of all its properties in the hope of finding one property by means of which to eradicate or at least bring under control the special form of ‘psychic illness’ which was then very widespread among the refugees around them.
“In the course of their research, they first noticed that this opium consisted of seven independent crystallizations with specific subjective properties. “And on further and more detailed investigations they established clearly that each of the seven independent crystallizations of this ‘one whole’ consisted in its turn of seven other specific crystallizations, also with their independent subjective properties, and these in their turn, again of seven, and so on almost to infinity. “This astonished and interested them so greatly that they put aside all the tasks they had set themselves, and from then on devoted themselves with perseverance exclusively to the investigation of this amazing fact which they had been the first to observe, and ultimately they attained results without precedent, even at the period of the existence of the continent of Atlantis, and unequaled at any later epoch among the three-brained beings of your planet. “Well, many centuries after the planetary existence of these great terrestrial learned beings, now saints, Choon-Kil-Tess and Choon-Tro-Pel, when I happened, for one of my investigations, to become acquainted with the detailed history of their activities, I learned that, after they had been convinced beyond doubt that this totality of cosmic substances called ‘opium’ consists of a whole range of compounds of seven active elements with different subjective properties, they began, with the same aim, to investigate many other cosmic results or, as is said there, ‘phenomena’ occurring in their environment. “Later, however, they confined their investigations only to three, namely to ‘opium,’ to what is called the ‘white ray,’ and to ‘sound. ‘ “While studying those three diversely manifested ‘results of cosmic processes,’ they became categorically convinced that although these three results in respect of their origin and outer manifestations have nothing in common, their inner structure and functioning are exactly alike down to the smallest detail. “In short, for the second time on your planet, and long after the loss of the continent of Atlantis, these twin brothers verified and categorically demonstrated again that every separate and outwardly independent phenomenon—if each is taken as a unit—consists in the totality of its manifestations of seven secondary independent units, each with its own subjective properties, that these secondary independent units in their turn consist of seven tertiary units, and so on almost to infinity, and that in each of these primary, secondary, and tertiary units, and so on, the processes of reciprocal relation and reciprocal influence take place in the same way, with rigorous exactitude, down to the smallest detail, and with similar consequences.
excerpts from BT, G.I.G. 

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