Apes as ancestors? No, dogs.

My dad got a new ID which has already an electronic chip in it. There is a very short step between IDs and our bodies. The media have been preparing our psyche for such an event for a long time, our love of easiness and speed ironically supports it and compulsory chipping of all dogs in the Czech Republic has not created any controversial reactions as people ‘understand’ the advantages. I went for my morning walk the other day and saw a dog ahead of me in the park. It was alternately lifting one leg after another while standing at the same place. It looked to me like being remotely controlled, a pretty repulsive thought indeed. Do we actually ponder over this chipping industry? Do we understand that our bodies can be remotely controlled not just physically as this dog but psychologically and emotionally as well? Once it is officially empowered, then your freedom as such will be lost. Your temper or anger can be raised, your habits altered, your voting preferences or decisions changed without even knowing it, remote ai judging you according to the level of being of its programmer which is perhaps the most insulting experience of all human experimentation, but it does far more damage on a subconscious level, where you want to either please the program out of fear not to lose the points or sneak around it or rebel against it just to name few….then what is considered ‘good’ in one country is considered ‘bad’ in another;  it corrupts one’s nature, it does not wake up the united objective conscience inbuilt in us all by our COMMON CREATOR as a conscious link between HIM and us while granting us at the same time the freedom of choice between good and bad…We are replacing a conscious teacher with an unconscious policeman. The moment the person knows he/she is off it, they will go back to their original state. Personally, I wonder how facial recognition cameras alone, regardless of their sensitivity can monitor billions of people 24/7. They must be traceable by GPS, how? That is certainly not the way of “evolution” but dark ages hypocrisy. And the story continues, in Europe, your chipped passports are going to be linked to your vaccination records within one or two years so your movements will be most likely highly restricted or even stopped (like in Iceland) unless you comply with the vaccination schedules. (Just to demonstrate our associative thinking: ‘vaccination passport’ has been proposed, modeled on the successful pet passport system which helps to record immunization histories of pets moving within Europe. The pet passport system has significantly improved the immunisation rates of animals.)

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