Where is the boundary beyond which the science and the states have no power over our bodies? Death?

Just reading the following study was enough to wonder about the abilities of the genetic scientists to mentate on the issues like the origins of the species. If you know that monkeys are half humans and half animals which you cannot know not by now,  then you must assume that viruses of monkeys will be most likely transferrable to humans?https://www.fda.gov/vaccines-blood-biologics/biologics-research-projects/investigating-viruses-cells-used-make-vaccines-and-evaluating-potential-threat-posed-transmission

Another shock to the thinking mind comes from the scientific endeavour to tattoo the medical information into the skin of a  human body by microneedles. 
It is a sophisticated version of the last century’s tattooing prisoners’ numbers into their skin at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Monowitz. How come that our scientists do not have in their conscience repulsion to such projects? I would like to remind the habitat of this planet that by not resisting it you are psychologically getting ready for the state of global affairs, described in Revelations. That state contradicts the Universal Plan, therefore, is not sustainable in time so why to proceed with it at all?
The Universe is spiritual, 80% of the global population understands that quite clearly so perhaps that 80 % should get finally informed and assert its rights of the overwhelming majority to stop the invasions of bodily privacies before it’s too late.
Who else can explain to you better, that we were born for specific purposes but physical & psychological slavery is not one of them yet you are voluntarily heading to where I am already by force?

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