Drones to be or not to be

I have a problem with your unsustainable drones and ai replacing sustainable humans. I referred several times to the esoteric facts, stating that electricity is a limited substance of the atmospheres and planets, sacred to all three-brain beings of the entire Universe including humans as it participates in arising and declining of every form of existence.
Your science has proved that every cell of the human body is run by electricity. Is it so difficult to mentate on this information with being Reason and with the precautionary principle taken into account conclude that perhaps you save a lot of money by replacing humans with efficient machines, but you will lose them all when those “unprofitable machines” will end up in the Universe 25  and you and your drones alone will not be able to fulfill the task, appointed to us by the Ray of Creation?
Shall you not explain to humanity first what is the real purpose of our existence and the ways how to fulfill it so that people could orientate themselves in this mess?

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