North Korea

The nuclear disarmament of North Korea would be a very desirable act for the whole humanity if it were a reciprocal planetary act, based on an understanding of the objective laws of the Universe. Unfortunately, it is not the case. Despite the fact that defense departments are traveling across the world to clear their names the whole world is witnessing the most abusive and primitive misuse of power – enslaving of a human body in a state of its unconsciousness so it cannot defend itself. This has been happening across the world for decades, I am not the only person who can testify to that so if the repressive activities of the police states into which we have transformed our democracies are degraded to the state lower than that of animals, what solution to such scenario there is?
How can you imagine that GOD would bless such management of the planet?
Yes, I see you are building a distant future, but you are building it on sand so it will fall apart in colossal destruction.

I am ready to face your court procedures and prisons and do not need any lawyers.
Merry Christmas to all participants.

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