Universe 25

The sempiternal identification of science with Darwinian survival of the fittest brought me the thought connected with the Ray of Creation. According to it, life is constructed for the transformation of energies and the transformation is secured on the principle of the struggle, which creates the energy. Taking the Roden experiments – everything was supplied to them in abundance. First, they prospered and multiplied and then died out. Could it be because they stopped to fulfill their function for which they were created? To transform the energies as everything living? No struggle for survival. On that Darwinistic level. So their existence was not necessary anymore.
The laws are the same for everything in the Universe, meaning we also have to transform the energies, but the rats are what is called two brain beings and humans are three brain beings, the only animals with the privilege of having the intellectual centre, which works on the struggle between yes and no, so what if our survival actually does not have to depend on the animalistic fittest principle but on the bases of qualitatively higher exchange of energies? If that were so we could, after all, restructure life on Earth accordingly, as it is in Heaven.

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