I do not know who is responsible for the electronic sexual tortures so many people are exposed to including myself.  Who is involved “just” in sex trafficking apart from governments, global intelligence, police, army, lawyers,  doctors, mafia and the actual smart phoners and who is “just” usurping a monopoly on karma executions, exorcism and ‘soul’ creation via hidden sadistic sexual drives?  I had been involved in REAL esoterism of the West and East for over twenty years and students were actually strongly discouraged from sex. I have never come across anything, which would suggest that 24/7 electronic masturbation with peaks leading to the point of madness and despair could lead to the growing of spiritual “wings and horns”. If anyone believes that, just look at the state of our planet and check on the intimacy of my life since I started the esoteric studies.  What would be your conclusion?

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