A Letter to the Prime Minister of Australia

The Czech Republic


The Hon Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Dear Prime Minister,

I had lived in Australia for 25 years, most of them connected with  spiritual matters and by following the suggested steps in scriptures I found by accident that there indeed is the Absolute/Creator/Father/God of which  all scriptures speak and therefore I can proclaim with clear conscience to all presidents,  prime ministers, and their governments  that the way of secular science and artificial intelligence  is simply the wrong one to lead humanity on. There are certain realities to be implied from such realization.  If we are of divine origin, Darwin’s theory of evolution must be incorrect and we cannot possibly originate from apes. I know by now that 5 Eyes intelligence can prove it to humanity yet they chose not to, which has devastating consequences for the whole planet and its species. The planetary military psychotronic systems interfere with the sacred processes in the atmosphere the secular scientists know nothing of and they are the real cause of not just the so-called climate change or  destruction of your amazing Great Barrier Reef,  but they also cause the sharp increase of mental disorders of all kinds as our bodies are tuned to the Earth’s magnetic resonance.
The esoteric science has been misused against humanity and your citizen Mr. Julian Assange had enough courage to publish related materials, some of which I collected over the internet in my last years of being in Australia. The mysteries of the Earth  will be revealed one day, but I consider it extremely degrading that such information is withheld from the public in exchange for scandals that have no impact on humanity whatsoever and the publisher and journalist who resisted the emperor’s suit game is kept in prison under such inhuman conditions that he cannot even pronounce his name properly.  What a disgrace of humanity. Mr. Assange is an Australian citizen yet Australian prime ministers have let the superpowers play chess with him and if they seem to object, they are immediately replaced.

Your democratic justice put in jail Cardinal Pell on the bases of an absurd accusation while the true reason was that he stood up in his own way against the climate change fraud. The tape of my life has been circulating across the planet, his tape, if not faked, would prove he is innocent and your courts susceptible to influence the same way the British courts are.
I have loved Australia for its closeness to Nature, for people’s ability to accommodate, tolerate and actually welcome foreigners of different nationalities and religious backgrounds, not every continent is able to do that with such ease. I thought that the country so spirited could spread the light to the rest of the world that got clearly mad. But Golem hypnotizes everybody.  I do not know what is the solution to this situation, I just know from Sydney that LOVE of our Creator indeed ‘moves the stars’ and our conduct of human affairs certainly opposes that, which goes against the universal principle.
I do worry about it and I believe the time has come to change it before it’s too late. It cannot be done by prosecuting the journalists. Please do act on freeing Mr. Assange, otherwise, we all will lose him and he is a symbol of the free press in the mainstream media.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova

One copy to Czech Foreign Affairs’ Minister

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