“We know you do not want the war but you will get it anyway”. ‘They’ like to joke.

The bad news is that we are the sleeping puppets who can be manipulated by marionettists.
The good news is that those marionettists themselves are too sleeping puppets of the Matrix.
This is something I have been unprofessionally striving to explain to humanity that unless we actually realize that we are half asleep,   I do not see how we could make peacefully the transition ahead of us.  By now you must all understand that it is not a simple aim because the marionettists have unprecedented power to lead not just our bodies but minds and even subconsciousness as well. The other day on the walk there was a dog ahead of me in the middle of the path and it was lifting one leg after another, just like a puppet. With all dogs lawfully chipped it is easily achieved.  I also noticed on my walks that I walk the places where there is some hidden litter waiting for me, so I must assume that I am mentally manipulated to go there. Journalists find it hard to believe what targeted people report about human psyop experimentation and psychiatric drugs.
When I read that Julian Assange could hardly pronounce his name I recalled the time I was forcefully hospitalized and on psychiatric drugs for two weeks, I could not articulate properly, my tongue and mouth were lightly paralyzed and mind fogged and debilitated. The psychiatrists who are aware of the long term consequences of such treatments cannot prescribe them to any human being, their conscience would haunt them at night, they rather leave the profession as I was a witness of once in Sydney.  But who has such conscience nowadays… I do not know if Mr. Assange is under such treatment, if he is, it will destroy his mind and body and would be a brutal treatment from the US/UK authorities to put a person legally illegally into prison and on the top of it to torture him with psychiatric drugs.
It is obviously a political matter that far exceeds the embarrassing cables:
– the Absolute
-the religious/spiritual origins
-the Matrix
-the sun & moon light
-the ape story & transhumanism & artificial intelligence
-the military psychotronic systems around our planet
–weather control vs ‘climate change’
-the genetics & DNA manipulations
-human experimentation
They are all interconnected, so I cannot expect him to be released by the ‘court’ procedures. It is more serious than anybody can imagine (except TIs who have been warning humanity for decades).
The ‘Zero year’ script is all over the place so perhaps we should start to consider Shikasta not as sci-fi after yesterday’s democratic court procedure. To talk about LOVE in the Heavens is one thing and to destroy the bodies and minds of children which that LOVE created is another one.  Those up there have not learned absolutely anything useful beyond the Matrix in the past 10 years. I totally failed.




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