For Darwinists of nowadays

“Your nose and the organs connected with it are so adapted that you may take in and transform in yourself those world substances by which there are coated in the three-brained beings similar to yourself both higher–being bodies, on one of which rests the hope of OUR COMMON ALL EMBRACING CREATOR for help in HIS needs, for the purpose of actualizations foreseen by HIM for good of Everything Existing.

You were created also as “a field of hope” for the future expectations of our COMMON  GRACIOUS CREATOR – that is to say, created with the possibilities of coating in your presence that “Higher-Sacred” for the possible arising of which the whole of our now existing World was just created.

The three-brained beings of the planet Earth are not only, as we also are, apparatuses for the transformation of the cosmic substances required for the Most Great Trogoautoegocrat with the qualities of all the three forces of the fundamental common cosmic Triamazikamno  but also, themselves absorbing these substances for transformation from three different sources of independent arising, have all the possibilities of assimilating besides the substances necessary for the maintenance of their own existence, also those substances which go for the coating and perfecting of their own higher being bodies.

All the fine substances necessary for the growth and feeding of the higher bodies must be produced within the physical organism, and the physical organism is able to produce them provided the human factory is working properly and economically.

These favourites of yours, particularly the contemporary, ceased to use these sacred substances inevitably formed in them, consciously for the coating and perfection of their “higher parts” as well as for their being-duty foreseen by Nature herself, which consists in the continuation of their species. “

A&E Bt   Quotations  M.W.Thring

Implying that to our present transhumanistic course with foreign or artificial DNA structures as inseparable parts of contemporary vaccines, lawfully forced to basically every child in a “civilized” world, we can fairly accurately predict, that to successfully ascend to Heavens one must be born in the uncivilized world in a very remote part no one is interested at. And even that will not be the guarantee as our worldwide atmospheric geoengineering activities and psychotronic technologies created by our atheistic scientists probably successfully destroy these “sacred” substances we know nothing of.

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