The first step?

I do not know where you are heading, it looks like towards the Lord of the Rings or you are following that “zionist” pamphlet. In both cases again to the reciprocal destruction, exactly the same pattern as always.
That pamphlet is a puzzle to me, I read it many times over the years and it is pointless to pretend it does not resemble our present situation in several characteristics. I even have to agree with many of its observations of human nature if I want to be sincere. But what is chillingly clear that whoever the author(s) was/were, they did not understand the most fundamental essence of the entire Universe: The Universe is created from the HOLY CENTRE   and that Centre is LOVE,  the force so powerful that it literally “moves the stars”. How they cut themselves off that force is a mystery to me. It must have been the case of st. George becoming a dragon himself.
I understand that to keep in a balanced state 7 billion sleeping people who intentionally have not been  educated about the real purpose of their existence although our forefathers knew it just one hundred fifty years ago is a task that might appear impossible without the dictatorial manners in a velvet gloves of democracy but the time has come when the Universe is demanding of us quantum leap in consciousness and for such task we need conscious advisers.
First, we need to know that we are asleep
Second, we need to know what it means
Third, we need to know the difference between the second and third state of consciousness
Fourth we need to realize that we cannot sustain the third state of consciousness for more than 2 minutes if untrained.

For that, we need to wake up first the psychologists and psychiatrists, probably by connecting them for a moment to the psyop programs they have created so they would understand what they have done.
That would be a good start. The first half of the task was actually created for them by the more enlightened quantum physicists. By applying pure logic, they can finish it.

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