In 1992 a girl had her speech on the international platform about the environmental state of the planet and the way we as a society behave which leads to such disastrous consequences. Well 27 years later we behave even worse than before, we create autistic children in unprecedented numbers,  we have surrounded the planet with an electromagnetic grid which is raising the cancers and other health issues well above the ability to deal with it politically socially or economically. We have used the esoteric knowledge to make the puppets out of people and play the global theatre with them to amuse some of us who can afford the tickets.  We selected for gradual elimination those among us not worth to be called a man according to our standards and we are replacing them as unprofitable meat with efficient robots. The rest of the sheep we plugged into the giant quantum computers that control not just all our physiological movements but our thoughts as well and eventually decide if we are worthy of getting on a tram or not.  We use them as guinea pigs to experiment with hybridization of species if for example combining the spider DNA with human DNA gives us a spider man or a spider monkey. Those who can see through it and object against it publicly we throw into the jails via the jurisdictional puppet shows or/and fry their brains and bodies with directed energy radiation. To keep the illusion of democracy we must allow the underground movement but we direct, infiltrate and limit it by all possible means to ensure it does not spread over the appointed boundaries.
27 years ago we at least listened to children who were able to see the external impacts of our activities. Today we criticize their autistic appearances and show the world that the head of the militarily most powerful nation on Earth is more than an autistic child.  What the third girl down the treck will look like? Or rather will there be any raising their voices?

Yes, this is called a strong identification. But you cannot solve the problems unless you specify what really causes them.

When you unite your efforts in stopping something for good of humanity like 5G for example, you have the Universe on your side. The effects are visible.


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