5G and our planet

I do not understand the positions of governments on 5G globally. From the scientific and military point of view, it certainly presents clear threat at least to the planet Earth if not to the entire Solar System, judging by her reactions to the already prevailing wireless technologies. The western nations have been realizing that but I do not see any signs of that in the eastern part of the globe and precisely from there will the main production of 5G originate.
I thought that the East has always been tuned to Nature’s laws far more than we in the West, it is quite clearly expressed in the art, literature and landscapes since the ancient times. Chinese traditional wholistic approach to human organism reflects the objective principles of the Universe in their medicinal approach so actually, I would expect them to be the leading Asian if not planetary force against 5G technology. The reality seems to be otherwise. What has happened? Is it the consequence of mind control technologies like social credit systems? We cannot have a planet divided into two parts on this and 5G is a NO NO NO option from the existential point of view, anybody with the sane mind, ability to read or hear and with the relevant facts available cannot possibly come to another conclusion.
There are many warnings from the esoteric science that our messing with the electromagnetic forces of the atmosphere at these early stages of our knowledge and understanding could bring a planetary catastrophe. So how come that telecommunication companies have such power over the whole planet? If such a catastrophe happened, would they have resources to cover the expenses? I really wonder about our sanity.
T-Mobile company canceled its installations nationwide, let it be the leading inspirational approach to others while there is still time.


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