The US Just Launched a Long-Outlawed Missile. Welcome to the Post-INF World

Reading that the  missile flew more than 500 kilometers, I recall Beelzebub saying 100 years ago:
“In fact, in the last etherogram I received about your favorites I was informed among other things that they had already established with one of these machines a ‘record speed’ of 325 miles an hour. “Of course, the only result of such a ‘record’ will be that the already rather meager size of their ill-fated planet will become completely trifling, even to their bob-tailed being-picturings of reality. “Well, may the Lord Creator be with them, my boy!
“Whatever speed they attain with these ‘machines’ of theirs, all the same, as
long as they remain as they are, neither they themselves nor even their thought will ever go beyond their atmosphere.”
Have we changed?

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