The birthright to choose

I do not know the case of Lynda Thyer.  But I lost so many friends treated with chemo/radiotherapy that I would rather leave my body than use them as a treatment.
I learned that the chances of survival  for the alternative and orthodox are similar; but they differ greatly after 5 years, beyond which statistics usually do not refer to.
And there are factors entering into the process of which we know very little like faith. Confirmed by science, we know by now that the Universe actually is spiritual (to be revealed in Zero Day?) and so the righteous perhaps could take into the consideration, that human beings were born free in certain respect and in that exact respect they have the right to choose whatever treatment they want, provided they do not jeopardize life of someone else.  No jurisdiction of this planet has objective right to put into jail someone who attained positive results in treatments, where the orthodox failed. It reminds me Dr. H Clark  and ironically her work used the same physical laws as the inventors of DEW.
We need an intelligent approach here.  The statistics clearly state that the average rate of success in the the orthodox treatment is around 50%, so why do we create such an outcry when someone comes  up with an alternative?  Am I so helpless that I cannot choose for my body (which I know better than anyone else) the treatment, based on my life long observations? Majority of people will follow doctors’ instructions, that is normal. But I would expect them to tell me all pros and againsts, all risks and possible gains of the orthodox & holistic approach and then it is up to me to decide, which way to go, taking  full responsibility for the choice I made and its consequences.
Who has the right  to deprive me of such possibility?

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