WHO: 67% of the population – are infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) ???

KIGGS De comparison vaccinated-unvaccinated


New Zealand study:

Click to access vax-study.pdf

I do not want to dispute the authorities, but I have my own life long experience with herpes in one of my eyes which resulted in perforation of the cornea at the age of 15  and that certainly gives me the authority to investigate, what can be done to protect human beings from similar experience. First thing which does not make sense to me is the WHO’s use of the adjective infectious. For 30 years I was in hands of the best eye surgeon in my country and when I asked him if herpes was contagious, he said “no, if it were, you would have it in both eyes by now.”
When living in Sydney, one of the best eye surgeons, who took care of me, pointed out the same thing. So “how did I get it” was my next question.  He said “you must have inherited it  from your mother”.
But my mother did not have herpes, neither of them. The first time I saw something on her lip was few months before she died at the age of 92.
Around that time (the end of eighties?) I came across an  Au  magazine Natural Life?  We had no internet then but the articles were well researched and I learned that herpes and  infections of the middle ear were common side effects of vaccinations. I recalled my grandmother telling me she was taking me as a baby to the hospital for injections into the middle ears. So since then there is nobody on this planet, who could persuade me that vaccines are safe.  I am a rational person and cannot dismiss the fact that majority of the population survive this direct invasion into the organism of GOD’s Creation, but very considerable number of people have its life long consequences without being linked to vaccinations. So as a non-professional I do my research and point out scientific studies, which indicate that safety of vaccines is rather a myth, forced upon humanity for whatever reason. The latest laboratories’ analyses clearly document that.
Looking at the above attached graph and seeing that herpes is virtually non existent in non-vaccinated children and eventually affects over 60% of the population,  I would like to bring attention of the scientists who develop the vaccines to an insight, given to Czech people by their clairvoyant priest F. Ferda.  He was known to Russian & US defense parapsychology scientists as an accurate psychic and he suggested that herpes originates from feeding animals with mouldy grain. The mould spreads through the flesh of their bodies  up to the skin. I am not familiar with the process of culturing vaccines, but I understood that the animal tissues like eggs are used for developing the culture. The vaccine analyses also show other animals ’tissues being present. All feed on grain.
So the question arises: “Do the manufacturers perform tests on mould being present in laboratory animals\ tissues?
Just checking wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mold_health_issues#Health_effects_linking_to_asthma
I read that mould Penicillium (an antibiotic) increases the possibility of developing asthma/eye irritation/throat irritation.
Well the laboratory analyses of vaccines confirm the presence of antibiotics. From that point of view the higher rates of asthma, herpes, ear infections, tonsillitis etc. among vaccinated children compared to unvaccinated kids seem to be a logical outcome.
What is wrong with my subjective reasoning?



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