A Letter sent to G20 Summit Leaders in Osaka

130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic


G20 Osaka Summit

Dear G20 Osaka Summit leaders,

This year’s meeting is hosted by the country that has entered into the new era of ‘fortunate harmony’ and everyone in the world would like to think that it will positively influence all your mutual communications in the process of solving the serious global issues humanity faces. No matter how complicated and complex they are, and how powerful are the factors that influence their outcomes, with such approach they can be successfully executed if the truth becomes the common language not just among you, but between you and the rest of the world as well.

It is quite clear to every thinking mind, that you alone cannot solve the problems we are facing. You need us, 7 billion people, to accept the adequate share of responsibility for what is taking place on earth, otherwise, we humans as a whole will most likely follow the usual fourth cycle of destruction as observed ‘by the scholars of history for nearly 2000 years’. According to them, the world cycles through 4 turnings and we are clearly at the threshold of the fourth.

But never in the history of our civilization have we had the scientific means to step out of this cycle. Now we have. We know that all life forms including humans on the subatomic level are pure energies, that they can affect each other either positively or negatively, consciously or unconsciously. There is absolutely no objective universal law, which would impose on us the process of reciprocal destruction.  Any references to the Universe 25 can be opposed by the fact that what applies to the animalistic nature of species in an utterly artificially created environment has very little to do with the spiritual connection of humanity to the Absolute.
When our science proved that everything is energy/vibration, it implied there must be the Central Reference System as the late conductor Celibidache pointed out long ago. It also alerts us that our perception of electricity or energy as the means to get from  A to B is painfully inadequate to its real significance as the founding substance of everything living. What is not well known,  electricity is allocated to our planet in very strict proportions and its overuse would have to be replenished from another planetary system. Such scientific facts have not been reflected in the economic prognoses of our digital age.

We are teachable, it is most evident in the eco movement across the whole planet, but we have not been told the most basic truth about the Universe and its role in our lives. We have not been told about the origins of our existence and so we do not have any solid foundations to build our lives on nor can we see stars anymore to correct our directions if we had any. Therefore the consumerism and the basic human instincts and mechanics drive the course of humanity as the active force behind the ever-increasing demand for electricity, energy and all resources. That is indeed not sustainable so we need a major change in thinking and “behavioral sinks”.

That cannot happen soon unless you reveal to humanity the most essential Universal and planetary truths you have been hiding for nearly a hundred years, which would make people understand their origins and the purpose of their existence on scientific bases. It would reopen the long-forgotten connection between science and spirituality, it would free people from superstition, racial and religious hatred,  it would redirect their orientation towards finer, nobler energies of the universe not so demanding on material possessions and so more sustainable for the Mother Earth. And it would have an immediate effect on the vibrational field of our planet, reflected in more peaceful solutions to the conflicts of interests.

I am a symbol of what has to be changed on our planet in order to become one day worthy of being called  Men. Let it help you in taking the decisions in the spirit of Fortunate harmony.

Yours faithfully,

Dagmar Palmerova


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