International Appeal STOP 5G on Earth and in Space in Potemkin’s villages

Politicians  live in Potemkin’s villages, conscience is not allowed to enter directly and here is the role of the public vital.
We have the burning issue of the electromagnetic age for which we are utterly unprepared politically, morally, ethically, jurisdictionally and the worst of all in lack of knowledge about its real existence in the form of  military technologies, able to affect not just all species and the bodies and minds of people, but the weather and natural processes of Nature themselves, the underlying cause of our famous ‘controversial’ climate change.

So it is easy to sell the public anything regarding the fastest connection of everything with everything under wifi 1-5G, especially to the younger, technically orientated  generation.
The alarming research  studies from different fields of science suggest it is the most dangerous path we have undertaken so far regarding our impact on Nature and everything living. Those who know and are really interested in survival of our planet have created International appeal of scientists to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space  which can be signed by any human being.
There are many cities around the world, who’s leaders have listened to scientists and halted the implementation of 5G until its safety is proven, the most influential being Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union, yet it is not reflected in the media coverage of the single states nor in their policies. ‘Why not’ is the most obvious question to ask says my logic.  Just recently one article brought attention to the Polish prime ministers signature on the International Appeal. From all available information I deduce that he is a man of conscience and although he, as a politician, might be restricted in expressing it, he is totally free to express it as a global citizen, it is his full right and for that he should be honored and serve as an inspiration for others in his positions.  Otherwise how on earth do we want to get out of this situation while it’s still time?





those  so are fully in hands of the military.


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