A letter to the White House

Dagmar Palmerova
The Czech Republic

12.6. 2019

Mr. Donald J. Trump
President of The United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500

Mr. President,

When I wrote to you last year about the biggest, yet unnecessary oppression of human  rights in the history of our civilization, I did not expect that one year later you would want to extradite Mr. Assange to the US and charge him with the 18-count indictment of the Dark Ages Espionage Act, totally disregarding the First Amendment, which was created by your enlightened predecessors exactly for such purposes like this- to protect him. The way the US manages the planet leaves unforgettable marks over the whole earth as well as over the bodies of its habitats who happen to survive it. Some people simply cannot watch it without resisting it which is perfectly normal and according to the objective Newton’s law of action and reaction. The mirror reflection they mediate is not an expression of hostility but a reminder of our dualistic nature and were it taken as such,  we would be on a different road to higher consciousness, not on a virtual star war paradigm path.

Our obsession with the new technologies of the new Dwapara Yuga age of electricities caused us to entirely overlook, that such age implies additional objective laws we are under, not applicable to the evolutionary lesser Kali-yuga of Dark Ages out of which we moved over hundred years ago. The building block of the Universe is not DNA but the force of LOVE, your most advanced scientists already know it. Why is it not reflected in your endeavors, be it military, political, economic, social or one of the human rights? Were it, life on Earth could reflect that of Heaven, as it was originally designed by OUR CREATOR THE  SUN ABSOLUTE. We inherited his capabilities of ‘creating’ and what have we created? Artificial copies of ourselves enhanced physically and mechanically.

One of your many wise teachers told me that the planet is like a living body, with continents being its parts, each with its unique, irreplaceable function yet all interconnected. The planet was sustaining us for millennia, adjusting itself only to our reciprocal destructions.

But now we took over its processes without grasping the Universal laws and obligations life on Earth poses on us as its inhabitants.

You can jail, mutilate or silence all dissent and make out of the internet ‘another TV channel’ for the time being, but you cannot hide the skies, nature nor the physical and mental devastation of species.

Mr. President, we all originate from the Absolute and we will return there as soon as we ‘get it’ right.

This way we will never get it right, trust me on that.

Yours sincerely,

Dagmar Palmerova




I copy sent to the US Embassy in Prague

I copy sent to the Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic

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