What matters and what does not

For nine years my entire personal life, recorded by the US government since the fifties as a part of the global satellite’s x-ray screening program has been scrutinized by the whole planet in symbolical ways as the global martial law prohibits anyone to mention my name.

If it affected only me, it would be fine, I take it as a last but one judgment before the final one. But it is not so, it affects not only all people with whom I have interacted, but totally innocent people who have never met me like Mr Julian Assange, who through his active conscience stood for the human rights of my case in 2010-11 and for the materials I had collected over the internet about the burning issues that our planet and its entire species including humanity faces.

He as a publisher and journalist, who’s ability to connect with the young generation and explain to them the pitfalls of technologies as the possible means to substantially eliminate not just their freedoms but to enslave their bodies and minds as well is greatly missed. He is kept silent in the prison, I sit here in the kitchen and have to watch for almost a decade how the judgments destined to me are addressed on his head; I find it extremely  cowardly and despiteful from the public figures who  themselves are not ready to compromise their carriers for the topics endangering our civilization.

He IS a journalist, I am not, the dirty socks are mine not his,  it just represents the level of understanding we are dealing with.

I have no intention to talk about my private life, I am deeply convinced it is none of people’s business when the 2/3 of the species have disappeared from our planet, when every genetic modification, performed on the current level of understanding  is condemning us to the eternal Matrix, when the weather control and 1-5G is depriving us of the possibility to increase our consciousness, when humanity in the third millennium is not able to reconcile its differences without wars, human experimentation and torture and when they do not know the Universe indeed IS spiritual, that has absolutely nothing to do with me. There are legal ways how to condemn a citizen if the constitutions of the world are applicable. So why are we using the illegal ones, penalizing not just a person but its whole country like in my case?

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