The original source

Mental privacy is the most basic universal right given to a human being by its CREATOR, so untouchable that it was not specifically mentioned in any democratic constitution. Over the last two centuries, we have progressed through the extensive animal and human experimentation to a current state of medical and technological advancement, where neuroscientists, without giving a single thought about the basic human rights let alone bodily privacy, are able to control over a distance not just literally every function of a human body, but also its mind, thoughts, dreams,  psyche and read/hear people’s thoughts even before they formulate themselves in their minds. I can say that because being under the global martial law since 2010 and exposed to 24/7 public broadcast surveillance and intel psyop programs  I have had the ‘privilege’ to uncover many   ‘beauties’ neuroscience has created for us, humans. Not everybody on this planet will be in the same position, but there are over a million civilians, subjected to different degrees of clandestine human experimentation, some of them being clearly tortured by directed energy technologies and such research since MK Ultra  has served as the foundation for the development of the military psychotronic weapons, so-called active denial systems.

I  do not want to blame innocent conscientious psychiatrists,  but that profession was established by human society to take care of its mental faculties, not to use the academic capabilities to create walking modifications of prisoners and eventually condemn the whole humanity to the most debilitating physical and mental slavery our civilization has ever created.

What seems insane to all is the fact that after the whole scientific research of  exposing animals and humans to torturous experiments, psychiatry denies/must deny their very existence and condemns their victims to psychiatric institutions and heavy medication as being delusional, schizophrenic or of similar nature.

I assume it must be happening  under the states’  departments (which departments?) directives as the same procedures apply to every country;  nevertheless, states’ departments are not bound by Hippocrates’ oath and unless Mr J. Assange dies in prison, I collapse in the kitchen or the academics themselves  act on this situation, there might come a day the profession will be asked: what have you done to prevent/stop human experimentation and why did you do false diagnosing?

Please,  understand I am not addressing anybody personally, this issue needs to be dealt with on a global scale. The experimentation has  already resulted in the social credit system, applied to millions of Chines. When I read that nowadays every 6th person is on tranquilizers, just simple common sense tells me that if I hardly cope with my situation, what would it do to people who cannot handle the ordinary life? And if it is expanded globally the psychological and mental consequences might be enormous, dramatically worse than having no ‘place to lay one’s head’.

At the beginning of the last century certain circle of scientists and professionals had access to the very advanced esoteric knowledge of sonic octaves and long forgotten human psychology as being part of the objective cosmological order. That knowledge, guarded by the parallel, highly ethical standards of its possessors got into the hands of governments’ covert  research centers with not so high ethical standards. The difference in knowledge between them and the orthodox science is overwhelming. I dare to say that if the scientific vanity were not so strong and psychiatry and psychology took notice of parapsychology as a valid science, their knowledge would expand to the adequate level for the third millennium and benefit people instead of leading them deeper and deeper into the unconscious mechanicalness.

Everything is connected with everything in the Universe but humans must be original, so they disconnect themselves from the original source and plug in into quantum computers. Still connected though, only to the wrong source. But original.  – an example of some of the government’s guidlines in India. Sounds familiar?


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