Our own mechanicality as the means to our enslavement

Amazon and Facebook to read (reading?) not just thoughts but human emotions – just another application of technologies, that work on one simple recognition that we, humans, are contained in literally biological, computerised bodies that have certain programs and can and do  run our lives independently of us. Neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists found out that long time ago and Intel uses it accordingly. Eventually such knowledge gets passed down to the private sector and we end up with screening of our emotions by our ‘smart’ guys and being used for different political, social and economic purposes.

So what can be done about it? To stop it? How could it be stopped? There are millions of companies across the whole world, working one way or another on such technologies! Hardly possible and hardly likely by ordinary means.

Under such circumstances I would take a different approach. First few questions should be asked: How come, that  out of 500 of my strokes on a keyboard Google is able to predict with ca 90% accuracy my  behavioural profile, habits, tastes, choices, preferences? Only because I behave mechanically according to a certain pattern.

So if I behave utterly mechanically, 90% of others  must be mechanical as well. Is everything in me mechanical? That is a question every adept of real  esoteric studies is asked to find out. I wish I could say no, but approximately 2 years of sincere self observations will prove otherwise. Clear reference to the classical ‘Know thyself’ first.

Yet what is not mechanical is the rare awareness of it. That awareness, which can come only by separating one’s attention into two – the observer and the observed and which is characteristic for the third state of consciousness. The process called waking up out of a hypnotic sleep, self realization, self remembering are different names for the same thing and only without that the smart  guys can predict our behaviour. But such states rarely come on their own and people do not know they are the most precious moments in their lives,  hard to artificially evoke among the endless identifications of each day and the hardest of all –  to sustain them in frequency, length and depth.

What if the smart guys enrolled into some real esoteric workshops for few weeks? Maybe then this generally omitted  knowledge, available to us since the beginning of time, would be  reinvented, hopefully applied to life and this current technological progress of enslaving human machines would be redirected towards the awakening  of humanity.

Or am I too asleep to see the  Mount Everest climbers….

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