The controversial questions

Is the leading manager of the planet  ready to announce to 7 billion people how the planet receives  light and heat?

Is the science ready to announce that the Universe is spiritual?

Is the science ready to announce that  Mr. Darwin was a subjective scientist, created by objective science and so were we?

Is the church ready to accept that our Lord Jesus Christ is not GOD but his SON?

Is the church ready to call off  reincarnation/recurrence as heresy?

Are the churches  ready to announce that all religions originate from one source?

Are the intel scientists ready to inform their ‘lesser’ orthodox colleagues that there are different states of consciousness as their ‘sleeping beauty’ programs confirm?

Is humanity to be explained that we live in the second state of consciousness which produces wars, hatred, transhumanism and artificial intelligence instead of rediscovering techniques to reach the third and fourth states as the ways to exit from  the Matrix?

Are the superpowers ready to stop covert human experimentation and torture going on with directed electromagnetic and sonic energy on a global scale and protect the bodies and minds of their citizens against unheard of loss of privacy?     Is the psychiatric establishment ready to do the same?

Is the US ready to face the fact that the analyses of vaccines suggest they are not composed of the most favorable ingredients for the tiny bodies of the newcomers to this world?

Are the superpowers ready to stop manipulating with Nature’s natural processes and give back to her the main control over the planetary weather?

Do we know for certain 5G will not blow off a half of our planet and possibly other  neighbours?

Today a twitter message led me to a clever picture in a book, representing an ancient way how to wake up and I discovered  Tassili National Park for the first time. To my surprise I saw the slim mountains,  looking like the towers of cathedrals, very similar to those risen after big bang in my dream few years ago.  I could not eliminate a possibility of a fake dream sent to me via advanced neural technologies to make mickey out of me or for some other reason as happens every day, but its extraordinary content speaks against it. When I am thinking about it now, the thought of warning  us about what happened thousands of years ago seems more realistic.

These are the main questions that I believe complicate Mr Assange’s case and mine as well.






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