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Six years ago:

Stakeholder Dialogue Group on EMF:

On 20 February 2013, the European Commission held a workshop in Brussels on EMF 

“Workshop on Risk Communication – Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health”,
Brussels, 20 February 2013
Venue: Auditorium, Centre de Conférences Albert Borschette (CCAB), Room 4A
36 Rue Froissart, B-1040 Brussels
It should be widely read by anybody who is connected with  the process of decision making regarding the implementation of 5G. There is nothing more important for the whole planet than to stop this terrible and dangerous misuse of science for utterly egoistic aims and the political parties and their candidates  for the upcoming elections should be addressed about this issue.  If only people who can vote were interested in things that will affect them profoundly for the next generations….
I previously posted the analyses of 5G Deployment, requested by EP Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and published last month and there was a reference to the guidelines of ICNIRP:
“While the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) issues guidelines for limiting exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF), and EU member states are subject to Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC which follows ICNIRP guidelines, the problem is that currently it is not possible to accurately simulate or measure 5G emissions in the real world. “
Astonishing indeed;  but an interesting connection is mentioned in  the above 2013 workshop, where the author addresses  practices of the international agencies, mentioning ICNIRP:

 In the face of fast-growing concerns and opposition in many Council of Europe member states, the response of top executives of electricity companies and mobile telephone operators is to deny that their industrial and commercial activities have any adverse effect on human health. At the hearing in Paris on 25 February 2011, the official representatives of French and European mobile telephone operators passionately argued that the official threshold values applicable in most countries in the world were adequate to protect human beings from the thermal effects of mobile telephones and that any biological effects, if these could be demonstrated, would not have any adverse effects on human health.

 To back up their argument, the experts quoted the scientific assessments carried out by associations such as the International Committee on Non-Ionisation Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), a small private NGO near Munich, or by official organisations: the World Health Organization, the European Commission and a number of national protection agencies. It appears that these European and national organisations or international bodies have based their thinking on the threshold values and recommendations advocated by the ICNIRP when that private association was set up near Munich at the beginning of the 1990s.

The rapporteur underlines in this context that it is most curious, to say the least, that the applicable official threshold values for limiting the health impact of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields and high frequency waves were drawn up and proposed to international political institutions (WHO, European Commission, governments) by the ICNIRP, an NGO whose origin and structure are none too clear and which is furthermore suspected of having rather close links with the industries whose expansion is shaped by recommendations for maximum threshold values for the different frequencies of electromagnetic fields.

 If most governments and safety agencies have merely contented themselves with replicating and adopting the safety recommendations advocated by the ICNIRP, this has essentially been for two reasons:

– in order not to impede the expansion of these new technologies with their promise of economic growth, technological progress and job creation;

– and also because the political decision-makers unfortunately still have little involvement in matters of assessing technological risks for the environment and health.”

The website of ICNIRP offers several analyses and guidelines, mostly very politely and smoothly turning down any suggested connections between EMF/Wi-fi and health problems as insufficiently proven.

Click to access ICNIRPemfgdl.pdf

The same usual story of all taboos.

So if I understand correctly, there is a planetary political and technological movement, whose leaders decided on behalf of the world, that they will expose 7 billion people and all its species to the electromagnetic radiation of such density and military  intensity that it cannot have but disastrous consequences in time  for the majority of them  and justify it by economic growth, convenience and the revolutionary idea of fridges talking to the toasters. Totally disregarding the scientific protests of such magnitude that if there was no military and financial power behind them, backed up by the main stream media censorship, the public anger would be so strong that it would stop them.  Maybe another 200 years if we last that long…..


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