EU Parlament: 5G Deployment

State of Play in Europe, USA and Asia

Last month our EU Parliament’s  representatives  voted for filters and articles 11&13.   I have no doubts that with such study as the one above 5G deployment will take place, no matter what candidates will succeed in the upcoming Eu elections. The document has 32 pages with detailed political, technical, and economic analyses and among all surely important datas there is a  3 paragraph article called: ‘5G Electromagnetic Radiation and Safety’ :
Significant concern is emerging over the possible impact on health and safety arising from potentially
much higher exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation arising from 5G. Increased exposure may result not only from the use of much higher frequencies in 5G but also from the potential for the aggregation of different signals, their dynamic nature, and the complex interference effects that
may result, especially in dense urban areas.
The 5G radio emission fields are quite different to those of previous generations because of their complex beamformed transmissions in both directions – from base station to handset and for the return. Although fields are highly focused by beams, they vary rapidly with time and movement and so are unpredictable, as the signal levels and patterns interact as a closed loop system. This has yet to be mapped reliably for real situations, outside the laboratory.
IPOL | Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies
12 PE 631.060
While the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) issues guidelines for limiting exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF), and EU member states are subject to Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC which follows ICNIRP guidelines, the problem is that currently it is not possible to accurately simulate or measure 5G emissions in the real world. “

That is all, would you believe…would not one expect postponing such planetary project, if we are unable to even simulate its emissions?  It is a lie of course, this technology was developed and tested by the Military  decades ago.  The current political aspect of deployment is a puzzle of its own, China seems to  favour the lowest GHz if I understood correctly from this study, which is sensible, but

1GHz= 1 000 000 000 Hz as one writer pointed out recently

and the Schumann resonance=7.83 Hz so what thoughts can possibly come to our minds? No butterflies in every sense.

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