Why do the best brains of the planet concentrate on waking up the Ai instead of themselves and humanity?

Vibrations have been inseparable part of the esoteric science of consciousness and the first thing one is taught is that he/she is asleep and their ordinary level of consciousness is only on a mechanical level, mostly daydreaming, far below that of a real Man.  The whole work starts with self-observations to verify for oneself such a strong statement, but it can be deduced from Q physics.

The following graphs  indicate the differences between various states of consciousness:  Theta wave(4-7Hz)  differs very little from Delta wave(0.1-3 Hz), that of disconnected centers at night. It is named waking consciousness and majority of accidents happen exactly on this level, when we switch ourselves on “autopilot”, folks call it  ‘nobody home’. Alpha wave(8-15Hz) is getting slightly better, but Beta(16-30) and mainly Gamma(31-100Hz) are generally the waves of self- rememberings/self-realizations/self-awareness…

One wonders, what is the purpose of exposing the earth to the unusual 4Hz frequency, which  was detected by several institutions over the past decades. In the light of the article https://theconversation.com/could-consciousness-all-come-down-to-the-way-things-vibrate-103070 , which talks about  the “sync up” phenomenon applicable to different systems,  it is not hard to think in terms of convenience having humanity synchronized on the lowest conscious level, where its psychological manipulation can be performed with the best results possible.  “Islands of predictability in a sea of chaotic unpredictability.”


“Gamma oscillations are short-lived and typically emerge from the coordinated interaction of excitation and inhibition, which can be detected as local field potentials”


Anyone undertaking the battle with ‘sleep’ realizes that without attention, knowledge,  self-determination and help this  monster is hard to combat, so why do the best brains of the planet concentrate on waking up the Ai instead of themselves?  Besides what are the vibrations of their Ai and how do they contribute and fit  to the reciprocal maintenance of the Universe?

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