Central nervous systems

When I see the titles like ‘central nervous systems for the earth’ and feel every psychopathic weirdo passing by, targeting me with the smart phone,  I closely identify with Krishnamurti’s opinion on our contemporary science.

In the book of Peter Michel his thoughts are well expressed:

‘The world is becoming something totally new. Space is being conquered, machines are taking over, tyranny is spreading.

You are not aware of the movement, the significance, the flow, the dynamic quality of this change. We think we have time, there is no time, the house is burning.

Scientific thinking has to change its parameters, it has to be open for a transcendence yet to be discovered, and it must enter into the paradigm change. Science must form a body union with the religious consciousness. When the scientific mind breaks through the limitations of the known – then perhaps it approaches the religious mind.

The scientific mind with its logic, its precision, its inquiry investigates the outer world of nature, but it does not lead to an inward comprehension of things; yet the inward comprehension brings about an understanding of the outer. The scientific mind is not a compassionate mind, for it does not understand itself.’

The science of genetics just represents this absolutely terrifying state, where our intellectual abilities of mechanical nature have opened new horizons of the world inaccessible to us up till lately but our power driven nature  is monopolising and arrogating the research by modifying the creation for its own egoistic aims, while totally disregarding or being  totally ignorant of the Universal Plan  we are all part of.

If it understood itself, it would not create the hybrids of goats and spiders, human pigs or potatoes with human genes just to mention few.

The highest science a human being can attain within the realm of this planetary  dimension is esoteric science, misused, profaned, ridiculed, its secrecy misinterpreted by ignorance, yet it contains the keys to human survival and fulfilment of its destiny. It teaches us that life on earth was created for a specific purpose to transform the cosmic energies/substances, coming to our planet, without which they would be reflected back into the space. For that particular task all species were created with their specific individualities just to fulfil that original ‘central nervous system’, where everything is interconnected and dependent on each other. It can be decoded by the level of vibrations, radiating from every species on earth, be it fauna, flora or inanimate objects.

And here we come to the picture, ignorant of all this and thinking that we can simply take the goat and the spider and create an enslaved hybrid for our selfish aims – I assume that some ‘original’ academic  thinker was inspired by one of the prints of Gustav Dore’s illustrations.

There is a wise G.saying- Put yourself into the shoes of the other and you will be rarely mistaken. That is connected with O. saying- if you really understand, you cannot disagree.

So put yourself into the shoes of the spider and  of the goat. How would you feel if your mother’s milk were genetically modified to grow silk- what would that do to your mother? And to you?  Do you feel uncomfortable? Good, because that is exactly what we do to other creatures, (equally dear to the Absolute Creator as we are) and consider it a great invention for business.  And because the science is not able to understand that for the lack of compassion, we have human/animal/plant  experimentations going on, live, and we create third rate comic shows out of it. But that is just on the basic level.

On the higher level by  genetic modifications we alter the vibrations of the subjects and almost certainly cause other unforeseen yet consequences, that  spring from the trespassing of Nature’s objective laws. What vibrations do they have? Who is taking responsibility for the new life formations and their suffering,  created not according to the objective laws of Nature? Who is going to undertake the original function of the goat, spider and other ‘lucky’ hybrid choices of our imagination? What Karma does it create  for the future generations and their individuals?

And what the genetically altered food chain will do to our soul properties and consciousness, which we are supposed to develop according to that MAGNIFICENT PLAN OF THE CREATOR?

But such questions do not come to the minds of scientists, so who is going to “implant” them there?


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