Meanings within the meanings

To hear intelligent objective thoughts nowadays one has to go back in time. I repeat very often that  the military and intel alphabets have been spying/searching  such materials for over hundred years and so when there is much confusion on the internet about what those up  behind the scene  are doing (apart from blackmailing presidents as usual  for whatever reasons) one can come across some hints in the old sources.

By now it is known to majority of those following this line of thoughts that human life serves a Great Cosmic Purpose, that we were not created by accident and life was not given to us for ourselves only.  The current military science is coming to terms with it, judging by the level of human experimentation they conduct on targeted people. To label all ‘secret’ symbols as satanic work does not help at all, so actual knowledge is far the best way to approach this domain before it overtakes humanity in a wrong way.  There is  a well known document called Tabula Smaragdina. It explains in symbols the mystery of the Universe, the lower one within the higher one or the other way around depending how we look at it. The lower one, the origin of the Earth’s moon and sun shine  was chosen for the emblem of Cia at the entrance of their US headquarters, that scientific mystery which has been hidden from us insanely for one hundred years, till Year Zero perhaps…. Obviously they are conducting experiments with the atmosphere connected to the Matrix.  We know about the on going geoengineering and ionospheric activities, the real causes of  the weather change, but what if there is another layer of experiments, connected with cyclones? Today I heard that they have been doing them since 1947. The esoteric literature available to them speaks about the sphere of general Nature which often has ‘repeated reciprocal exchange of substances between various great cosmic concentrations’  through a certain process, a part of which we call  cyclone. It allows drops of water to evolve to the next higher concentrations. Of course it has other levels of meaning as well, as always in this field. I think the defence departments enjoy such style as it gives them the power of knowing what others do not comprehend. Yesterday I was reading some Wikileaks materials and saw the structure of Cia. AIB caught my attention- automated implants branch. “Malware injections, implant drops (Nsa jargon) called fires, as if a weapon being fired. However the analogy is questionable.”                                           I know it refers  to computers, but I immediately connected it with targeting humans. It happens to me sometimes, I walk on the street, a stranger passes by or a car and  within a minute hardly bearable pain explodes inside my body. It is clearly a different technology from the usual Smart targeting. So my intuition would be inclined to consider the Wikileaks analogy as correct, another  meaning within a meaning…


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