Leadership according to the being

According to the Tales the other planets of the Universe have leaders-kings, usually one each. The Earth was not an exception, just  had several  of them. But they succeeded by their blood lines,  contrary to the rest of the Universe where they succeeded by their level of being. The difference is that one you  inherit, the other one you must earn by your own work; the first  have to defend themselves against the enemies by armies, the second  have natural authority, to which the rest submits voluntarily, like in Nature.

In the third millennium we do not have ruling kings anymore with few exceptions, we have democracy as the best option of governing the planetary affairs and we are facing the biggest extinction of species in the history of mankind due to our sheer ignorance of the objective laws of the Universe. We have elections every 4 or so years, half elections in between and all connected with eventual  impeachments and endless reports, clearly an impossible environment to govern anything but petty cash minors. And those invisible unelected,  who have the possible environment to govern wisely from behind present their level of being via complete lies, hatred, terror, wars, 5D’s, 5G’s, Dew tortures, censoring and prosecuting free speech in the main stream media.

We cannot continue the same way much longer because we are violating the universal laws and we will be stopped by their reaction. So either you somehow invite professionals with a higher level of being than yours as advisors to sort this mess of yours out and show some sensible planetary leadership by acknowledging first the sovereignty  of the rest of the world, which is non-existent at present, or will we  just ‘simmer’ to  the Newton’s  first?

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