The crap

There is a fundamental difference between the Accuser and Jesus Christ. The principle of the first is “Name and shame” and the principle of the second is “Go and sin no more” ( sin=that which is unnecessary). The second is really the approach needed in the present  situation on Earth to avoid another act of mutual planetary self-destruction. But we have twisted it into “go on and do unnecessary things covertly”  and “name and shame those who found out about it”. So those who sincerely are interested in the change rather than seeking bloody revenge cannot but fall back to the old pattern which evokes denying force and the wheel is turning uncompromisingly.

I was taught that to really change anything first metanoia is needed, a new way of thinking; it is available to us, so who is going to apply it in the right context to the general public? Burning the roofs of cathedrals by directed energy weapons and bringing terror to  other sacred places is hardly metanoia, specially in the time of history, when we know by the scientific and so provable way that our planet is a star as the other planets are and that there is a Central Universal Place, from where all affairs are directed, including our insignificant sphere. Only our endless egoism and vanity prevent us from admitting that we are not alone in the universe and that the others are not interested in our “distinguishing mama from papa”  with its  infantile star wars at all when the adult universe needs hands for the real work.

So when will you, analphabets of the Earth, face the music you have been broadcasting for so long? When will you stop teaching new generations that lying, misleading, cruelty and virtual reality is the most profitable way how to approach life, that came to existence only by an accidental coincidence?

Or do we really have to keep participating in these deadly Days of our lives  and listen  to that embarrassing  crap of Russia and North Korea gates till the next elections?


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