Reciprocal Maintenance as the Objective Law of the Universe

Reciprocal maintenance is one of the objective laws of the Universe. By simple observation of Nature we see that everything is interconnected, feeds and is dependent on something else. Our science has proved that everything living is run by electricity and emits a certain type of vibrations. . The vibrations of fauna and flora are set by Nature, with one exception – homo sapience. Humans have the privilege to change theirs if they want and know how. The vibrations are of quantitative and qualitative character. The qualitative vibrations are expected of humans and required from our planet for higher cosmic purposes at this stage of its evolution. When we do not produce them, Nature has to take different measures and adjust itself to quantitative ones by increasing the number of the population, which is reflected in the current population numbers.

But the problem lies in electricity, electricity is not free at all, it is strictly allocated to every planetary system and its atmosphere of the universe and the equilibrium must take place between them, meaning that if one planet over uses its electricity, it has to be replenished from another planet of the same solar system. Electricity is a vital cosmic substance participating in all planetary processes of life and is SACRED to human beings as it allows us to rise our vibrations for specific spiritual purposes of which our atheistic science refuses to actively mentate. Originally it was the core of all true religions, but our civilization has forgotten about it and we got ourselves into this unsustainable planetary situation out of sheer ignorance.
The highest defense and military science knows about it as it has always been spying on esoteric societies and our clandestine psychotronic directed energy weapons unfortunately originate from such knowledge that has been obtained without proper moral development of the handlers, always absolutely prerequisite condition in esoteric science as in such high domain the laws of higher dimensions are in operation and their breaking causes catastrophic consequences e.g. Philadelphia experiment. So I have every reason to assume that among the highest clearances will be at least some beings who understand this.
We are talking about the complex of issues of gigantic proportions but first we have to approach this most basic one:
On one side we have over 7 billion people with fauna and flora, all run on electricity which is limited. We probably do not know the exact limit of it, but we were warned cca hundred twenty years ago, when the spiritually advanced beings realized that electricity must have been extracted from the atmosphere. They observed that suddenly certain psychologically negative states were interfering with the usual mental states of spiritual character, they knew  what our psychiatry does not to this very day that the lack of electricity in the atmosphere is the cause of all kinds of human neuroses  and predicted that the extraction of electricity will eventually cause a catastrophic event. There were 1.6 billion people at that time and did not have TV, computers, all artificial intelligence, satellites, , surveillance technologies, smart phones, fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, the internet of things, planetary weather control, military psychotronic systems, air traffic just to mention few..
So when categorically dismissing the usual solutions of reciprocal destruction simply for the existence of another objective universal law that states “the effects of a cause must always re-enter the cause”, the only remaining solution is to explain 7 billion people, that no government of the world, not even the deep one can do anything to prevent a catastrophic event unless those 7 billion people use simple math: if I run a car motor while standing by and talking to a friend, I waste a form of sacred substance, needed not only for the wellbeing of all living, but for coating of my own soul, a privilege given to us all by our loving CREATOR

One hundred years ago it would be probably impossible to change anything because such information was not freely available as it is today, there was no internet, which would allow to spread an idea across the globe in a split of a second and the human intellect was just passing out of the stage where it could not generally ‘comprehend anything beyond the gross material of the external world’.
In 2019 we already can and do and have the means to organize ourselves for actions like the earth hour on this saturday, when people can join those who decided to switch off electricity at 8.30 pm for an hour. It will not create miracles, but it will bring the needed awareness of this issue to the larger populations and spark metanoia, so needed in order to unite  the current course of humanity and our habits with the objective laws of the Universe, of which the reciprocal maintenance is indeed the most basic.

The next line of work is to learn, how to change quantitative vibrations to the qualitative ones.

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