In our Father’s house there are many mansions

I went for a Walk this morning and was stopped in the park by the results of some night activities, which took half an hour to put into the bags. It is like in life. One gets born to the light room or to the mud room and by living finds out that not everything in our Father’s house is a light room and not everything is a mud room. And at one point he/she can choose, where actually they want to live. It does not mean that they would want to deny their previous existence in the mud room or the light room, not at all, it means that they have experienced both and now have freedom of choice. And perhaps they want to share that knowledge with others. The mud room is at the basement, to get to the light  room  one has to use the steps and take off the shoes. That way mud cannot get to the  light room in any way. They do not mix.


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