Kitchen story thoughts written down last year in the middle of  frantic reactions – cars passing by, slamming doors, breaking and throwing  bottles, the usual  regular stuff:

Calm all down, 40 Hz is pretty high so we all react accordingly….when two planets come closer to each other, temporary tension is created, as with some people, that is transmitted to the Earth and psychologically influences its habitat. Our ancestors knew how to protect humanity against it,  they neutralized the negative vibrations by increasing the level of consciousness and safely overcame the  harmful influences. Our civilization lost such knowledge so we had been left with the periodical reciprocal destruction means of balancing the negative vibrations.

With the progress of science and some discovered esoteric knowledge I believe the top military is conducting covert experiments with artificially induced frequencies and collects data about our behaviour.  I was telling you to check the frequencies we were exposed to before I learned about the Schumann Resonance. The msm media or scientists are not allowed to mention that its normal resonance of 7.8  has more than doubled, sometimes up to 40 which is really high so I assume it must be artificially created.

I have been waiting for  competent authorities to come forward with such knowledge so that we could start to revive the practices of our ancestors, but the old scenarios of military solutions are just deeply rooted in the planetary marshals, as we can see right now…

So the best what can an ordinary person do is not to get identified with the current madness, knowing it is coming from an  external source and to watch its own irritation, anger and other negative emotions, which are played on him/her the same way as on the rest of the world. By turning inwards one realizes the trick which is played on him and negativity can be neutralized, with pure energy as a bonus on hand to be used for soul purposes.. There are 7 billion of us, 80% religious in one form or another, so we could handle such forces without destructive results, could not we?

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