Kitchen stories 2019


The military will keep running this kitchen show no matter what you or I  do or not do,  till the Event,  after which nothing will matter anymore. It is called delay tactics.

But at least  everybody should understand  by now:

that lives of all people on this planet have been recorded by the US since the time they put their first satellites into the orbit which happened in the fifties. By X-raying the planet you get such results.

It implies that all people on this planet are on a permanent 24/7 surveillance.

If you make  someone  really angry as I did, the tape of your entire life including the most intimate details can be retrieved and passed on to the authorities and media.

If you become an adversary to the superpower, you are put on a remote 24/7 psyop operations programs, which vary from time to time, can be more physical, then more psychological also psychic, more cruel or  just  irritating with occasional extremes close to torture. Some people get heavy  torture.

All  has been done remotely by the  use of so called  psychotronic directed energy weapons, that are  constantly denied by all governments, militaries, police, medical and juridical establishments despite the 9 years long public broadcast  of my case.

I mistrust all  authorities  on this planet especially when I see that constant visual and acoustic  circus around myself. I will not talk about it now.

Yes, clandestine  human experimentation is happening  on this planet, decorated with sexual trafficking business, run by  mafia with the blessing of global intelligence agencies and Nato.  Without them such scale of criminal business could  not be possible.  Many citizens  join in  of course, stating the obvious.

I have a deep compassion for trespassers of the laws as I broke them many times myself, but we are talking about real human suffering and often torture run on a global scale against which there is no protection whatsoever because it officially does not exist. There are millions of people affected by this psychological madness. For those naïve citizens who do not believe in existence of such technologies I  recommend the US  manual  Defence Science Board Task Force on Directed energy weapons and European Union’s Crowd control technologies for political control. Already their names indicate why we keep them clandestine.  But I am still a fake news.

The next issue where fake news create headaches is called Climate Change.

Anyone with normal active mentation will sooner or later discover, that  Climate change as such refers to the weather observations over the  centuries long periods of time and  by endless writing  about such changes  scientists conveniently  avoid the real issue of  the current weather change and so called natural catastrophes, which are caused by our  psychotronic military systems, interacting with the planetary atmosphere. They interfere with the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth and in combination with geoengineering processes they have been used to control weather on a planetary scale for military,  political and economic purposes…   as many people pointed out we turned  “our own Mother” on whom “our lives depend”  into “the weapon” and use her against our selves, her children. In real terms, we are raping her every day with electromagnetic, hypersonic and laser beams.  Purposely confusing  the weather control  with Climate change and carbon dioxide, we have successfully mislead humanity for decades. The ecosystem is now falling apart yet unless we modify the carbon dioxide narratives,  there will be no agreement.  But CO2 is so deeply engrained in subconscious of the public figures and the public itself,  that unless the head of Cia comes again and explicitly says “we control the weather, not carbon dioxide”  parroting will continue till the event.

5G technology is going to encircle the planet with  the artificial electromagnetic grid.  I am not a scientist and I might  sound hysterical but for me it is NOT  a technical,  economic, or  military issue, it is not even the ecological question,  it is  an existential issue of the whole planet and  our solar system.   You know I had studied one branch of esoteric science for two decades and that  science  indicates that the amount of electricity in the atmosphere of  every planet of the solar systems is not unlimited at all, on the contrary, it is strictly proportionally allocated to each planet and its equilibrium has to be maintained all the time, not just within the atmosphere of each planet, but even between the atmospheres of the other planets,  which means that if we keep extracting  the electricity out of our atmosphere (which we do since the end of nineteen century) the way those up the top  designed, we will bring this planet close to the stage described in Revelations.    If our electricity deficiency was to  be replenished from another planet of our solar system, it would hardly be an unnoticeable event.

But that’s not all. All life on all planets, including human bodies are run on this electricity, even  our mental activities depend on it… and not just that -it  fulfils also  sacred purposes of spiritual character for all similar beings in the universe like us…. Such consideration does not take place in the atheistic  minds  of the orthodox scientists.

That’s why  I consider it extremely dangerous to proceed with such technology…And it goes well beyond  the political parties, it is  a global issue, all superpowers play their roles in it. I understand that there are ‘bullets bytes and bucks’ involved.  Let’s say that somebody invested trillions of dollars into such project and will be hardly willing to lose them. But human creativity would be able to shift it into something harmless, while insisting on the original  plan the probability of  a catastrophe would annul everything.

If I can read between the lines of main stream media, Russia would not object to stop  5G implementation , so would not certain defence departments of the United States.  The conscientious scientific community is overwhelmingly against 5G for its impact on health and ecology which is another indication that this technology goes against the  Creation; but  the public exposure  is still very limited.   The biggest obstacle is censored speech, that is why we have fake news,  electronic chains and tin foil hats.  I see that those in the alternative media who speak  for humanity suffer personal,  professional  and or economic disdain.  Main stream media with conscience  have to use symbols and  the general public, even some alternative media  do not have all keys or have the wrong ones… thus fake news environment is so powerful that the internet’s censoring filters are getting increasing political support.  Like in European union right now. If the states vote in a few weeks for the articles 11 and 13. we will not be able to access the majority of English speaking sites where we still can get the truth. How absurd, to live through the cold war of communism and end up in the cold war of communistic democracy. I am sorry but the truth has been  denied to such a shocking degree that there is no other way to express it. How can anybody expect that public will react responsibly when nobody truthfully informs them why governments act the way they act?

There are many scientific discoveries available to humanity , yet to this day no one  considered general public to be worthy of being officially explained   almost anything existential, which I find extremely offensive like the question of our Sun. Probably because the scientists and politicians do not want to face the questions: Why did you hide it for so long?  But that does not threaten humanity.

The whole planet has been exposed to this for me absolutely insane experiment probably connected with mechanical levels of consciousness, electromagnetic radiations  and matter of suffering without any preparation, without giving  explanation on what scientific  basis such experiment is conducted…. just throwing all datas into a cauldron and waiting what happens – well  judging by the results of what I see on myself and those around me  I would call it shrunk mayonnaise.

That is not the way wise people approach  the required elevation of consciousness

Wise people explain in a  scientific way which is already available,  that  humanity was created  as a part of the organic life on Earth for a specific reason– to transform certain cosmic energies, coming to our planet, which would otherwise be reflected back into the space. That transformation can be  achieved in a qualitative way which might result in life on Earth as it is in Heaven.

But we  do not believe in such tales so Nature is forced to arrange the transformation  in a quantitative way by increasing the numbers of the population.    At the same time  electricity is limited. From that I am deducing that we as humanity have no other choice but to start to transform the cosmic  energies in a qualitative ways.  Unfortunately the world government is not set up for that as we can see. Can we do it ourselves when we are so divided?

This is closely connected with the  privilege  of being the only species on the planet that was given the  possibility of developing  higher states of consciousness, something which our  orthodox psychology still denies , despite the advances in other fields like Quantum physics that already suggest otherwise,  despite personal testimonies of many human beings of this planet and despite all scriptures of all religions that speak about it in one form or another.

This objective science has been available to the general public since the end of the 19 century, among the first students were also at least two members of MI6 and American intelligence had an access to it as well. So for over 100 years many people know,  that  human kind has not evolved exactly according to Mr Darwin’s theory of evolution and –  the Universe is indeed spiritul, centred in the Absolute. Yet  the global education system has not acknowledged that  to this very day …we have 2019. It  has already brought  the whole  cascade of  consequences:

With the speed of scientific advances  it  resulted in new transhumanistic  fields and  technologies,  in  genetic and robotic engineering and manipulation of genoms of all species, in transferring the consciousness to subhuman entities  just to mention few…and all that without having the slightest idea, let alone understanding of “ why”  the objective principles of creation of the Great Universe exist. So we ended up with  vaccinations against who knows what, with  Morgellons and other unidentified biological substances, instead of trying to explore the invisible world of finer energies behind the physical world that is just its external manifestation.

That’s how 5G can be pushed so strongly against all opposing petitions of doctors and scientists.

On the  opposite positive side, the increased understanding of electrical, magnetic and sonic fields allows the scientists for the first time in history to present the spiritual aspect of the universe  on the scientific bases of different speeds of vibrations that each form of life emanates , in humans they also determine higher states of consciousness,  personally observable, so if we take all we know about the world, we can  finally end the ages lasting violence springing from different religious dogmas and believes and  reach mutual understanding of the origin of all religions and their art of long forgotten symbols that pass to us the message across the millennia  about human destiny which is to return one day back home to the Sun Absolute,

So what is wrong with us???





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