Miscarriage of justice?

The ‘whole planet’ knows that I have been on directed energy psyop human experimentation programs of the US & Nato military agencies,  happening across the planet yet officially denied by all global  and national authorities including medical and juridical establishments worldwide, despite my 24/7 public surveillance. Absurdly  I have the whole Czech nation as a witness that it is a “fake news”, just the global martial law prohibits them to speak out. So I certainly will be the last person to trust supposedly independent juridical system.

I have just read that “Cardinal Pell, the most senior Catholic cleric ever charged with child sex abuse has been convicted of molesting two choirboys moments after celebrating Mass.”   He did not do it.  It must be a miscarriage of justice or some terrible betray of psychotronic nature.   I do not know who is playing what games, but I would suspect it could have something to do with his knowledge of the global weather control and his efforts to bring political attention to it.

Maybe we should really start to pay attention to Revelations while there is still time.





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