As the German Government Abandons Small Businesses, the Worst Parts of the EU Copyright Directive Come Roaring Back, Made Even Worse

I am old,  used to censure from the Cold war and know the biggest secret of the human existence so I can relax, but I do not like what is happening in the world at the moment and it seems that we are heading elegantly to the third war, classically originating in Europe. This time there will be no armies involved but good citizens stalking the bad ones with their smart phones, used as directed energy weapons. The martial laws and social credits will decide, who is allowed to buy a ticket to travel and who is allowed to eat as the access to your accounts could be denied anytime without notice  and there will be no cash very soon. Your main stream media will not have to fight the fake news anymore as there will not be any, only the truth. Snowdens’  will not exist anymore and the world will sink into the deep sleep till the prince comes to wake it up by the Big Bang.

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