Time to change the Manuals

In science there are the  formulas, expressing the functioning of the universal principles as we have empirically or theoretically discovered over the ages. There are different fields of sciences and taking them all together we can very easily come to a conclusion, that the official manuals of conducting our planetary affairs do not exactly correspond to the scientific discoveries of the third millennium. Our thinking pattern is unfortunately sinking deeper and deeper into the Dark Ages mentality, only with the scientific means of the new, higher cosmic order at our disposal, which has created  very easily predictable results nobody wants to deal with and so we are enhancing them each day with acceleration.

There is an objective Newtonian  law expressing that the presence determines the future, simply meaning what I do today I will have tomorrow. If I kill today, there will be killing tomorrow. The whole human history is a clear manifestation of this objective law and as such is expressed in the manuals of all military powers. Not many of them are easily accessible, but the freedom of press still functioning in the US allows us to look into their manuals on the internet so by reading them I cannot come to another conclusion that we are globally in a really dangerous position, which is clearly reflected in the current geopolitical situation.

I would like to ask all leaders of this planet: who gave you the power to direct planetary affairs in such way? If you spell your democratic principles in all possible ways,  you must ask  7 billion people of this Earth if they agree with your military conduct of worldly affairs. But you cannot do that because you know the answer. Your representatives publicly state that they are aware of the fact that we do not want the wars, but that we will get them anyway.

Such clear arrogance is hard to accept in 2019. Without us, seven billion people you would be very insignificant entities not able to fulfil the General plan so in your own interest please  take into the consideration the reality that we are not robotic commodities created for your exploitation or pleasure which you can dispose any time you desire or when we rise too much over your head and make you uncomfortable. We were all created in the image of our CREATOR which means we as the only species were given the freedom to choose how we use the three most powerful forces of the universe -the creative, the destructive and the reconciling – in any way we wont. We were given the intellectual centre to figure  out  the functioning of the Universe and our role in the cosmic schemes of things so that by mastering these three forces in a way not destructive to our planet and other planetary systems we would fulfil the expectations of the Creator of the Universe which he entrusted in us and become worthy of helping HIM further in HIS  Universal Creation.

|And what have we done with all these plans of our Common Father CREATOR?  We have figured out that each of us has both  the right and left leg for balanced walking, but have not applied it to our military, political, economic and social conduct where we just jump most of the time. We have no idea what to do with negative energies manifested  in us except self calming them, nobody told us why our bodies were constructed the way they have been for millennia, for what purposes, by whom  and what is expected of us by whoever HE SHE IT is.

With all incredible advances of different fields of science we have not come officially to an obvious conclusion that there must be a CENTRAL UNIVERSAL REFERENCE SYSTEM with objective laws, governing the entire universe including our planet and the our Solar system.

If I scientifically prove that the quote “to see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour” is a poetic expression of reality and I hide it from humanity while preparing my star wars with transhumanistic creation of mine, either I must be an IT,  idiot, psychopath, soulless machine or a  sleeping machine. Sleeping machines can be woken up.

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