Isn’t humanity ready for the scientific truth?

Mrs Doris Lessing used the expression “the pool of consciousness”, in a sense that we are  interconnected energetically and psychically in time; the thoughts, ideas once arisen continue to exist so from the metaphysical point of view it is rather childish and naive in the 21.century to use such suppressive methods for stopping the truth to come out. I learned that in childhood, the end was always far worse.                                                                         If the old Masters leave you the legacy of scientific discoveries of the previous civilizations, your scientific technology is well advanced to prove their truth to you and you try to hide it from humanity when so many people are waking up, can you expect less than humor in the form of flat earthers?

I am extremely opposed to the psychological experiments on masses.  We are all deeply asleep, we have no idea what we are doing and when some “high iq”s open most likely by accident a key to the next door, not knowing what that room is for, what to do there and what is far worse -how to get out of that room as there is no way back,  the undesirable future’s silhouette is getting quite clear if the presence is not dealt with wisdom.

So where is the wisdom? Certainly not by giving different keys to different parties  and prohibiting them by the global martial law to report directly on what is found behind the doors, only in symbols.  The inevitable result has been total mutual confusion, misinterpretation, superiority/patronization, naivety, egoistic arrogance, anger, well sort of what Cia director W. Casey aimed in 1981 when answering President Reagan’s question about Cia’s future aims:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”.

Not quite there yet worldwide but getting close.

(after reading about the youtube’s censoring of conspiracies at lightonconspiracies)

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