My Heureka

When I came to Au for the first time I saw a symbol of Christmas in the form of a deer everywhere.  I did not have any connections with it  till later when I came across an esoteric system which stated that ” horns of the deer symbolized the degree of attainment in the same way as the horns of Beelzebub” and were seen in the caves paintings of Lascaux. Cca two years ago I was tracing back in history scientific materials concerning magnetism and discovered a monastery text where an interesting information was passed on to a reader: Spikes of the horse chestnut’s skin work actually as  antennas, through which energy of the sun is deposited into the seed inside that serves as an accumulator.

Yesterday I was reading ‘The Wisdom of your cells’:

“In my younger days, I didn’t see that religion was offering me truth. I went away from spirit and ended up in science. Realizing that my identity was something from the environment playing through my cells was the greatest shock to my world because I was completely thrown from a non-spiritual reality into the requirement of a spiritual existence. My cells were like little television sets with antennas and I was the broadcast that controlled the readout of the genes. I was actually programming my cells.

I realized that if the cell died, it did not necessarily mean the loss of the broadcast-that the broadcast is out there whether the cell is here or not. All of a sudden it hit me with such profound awe. What I realized was that survival was not that important because of my eternal character was derived from some broadcast in the field. The fear of mortality disappeared.”

Thinking about it over again today, the word antenna rang the bell with the chestnut so I looked at the origin of the word. The Latin meaning sail yard. But the original Greek meaning is “Horn”!                                                                                                                          Our ancestors seemed to know  far more than contemporary science is ready to admit.  Translated into the scientific language of the third millennium, when we see the lucifers, beelzebubs and horns, let them remind us that  we are the sacred energies through which we physically manifest ourselves according to the broadcast. So the type  of broadcast seems to be determining  our being….


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