A wonderful time of year for scientists

I could help myself and let go, but who would benefit from it but myself? So I intentionally choose to comment on ‘Katovice issue’.

A wonderful time of year for scientists meant absolutely dreadful time for everybody else like  California. ‘ “Prediction Skill Provided by the MJO to Midlatitude Circulations on S2S Timescales” ( related to atmospheric patterns over the North Atlantic that can affect weather)’ might be incomprehensible for a lay person like me or fishermen, but we have our common senses and use them, so looking up the skies over and over again for decades we figured out the correlation between the “contrails” of the airplanes,  after-clouds formations without the moisture followed by  extensive droughts or others dropping on us devastating heavy rains. For the earth quake calamities we have our guardian angels who risk everything to inform us in advance so I dare to say that mjos are not indispensable for figuring out what is going on, on the contrary, they just hide it, so that the famous main stream media can express their  astonishment over the facts that their presidents do not follow the Kyoto/Paris/Katovice/next/next/next protocols.

Should’t you ask yourselves how long will the deep state, nobility, yesbility debility or whatever you call them keep the whole planet in this state?

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