Year Zero


Some dusting to actually ponder over where the biggest danger for peace could originate. Vault 7

Year Zero  – BC 0 AD ?  The Zone of Non-being? To be or not to be? It is all the same on different levels? Intel agencies know it and without your understanding they do whatever they want with us according to a plan.

We have this real drama of social crediting on the planet. Over a billion of Chinese are on it, including millions of targeted people in the West. It means all their thought processes, physical and psychological movements, emotional responses are collected 24/7 and  feed the global Ai supercomputer data centres. Our ordinary consciousness is basically an autopilot with which we function in life. Like when you travel long distances in the car. We have not been told that the moments we ourselves step in and take over the autopilot are actually vital to our existence. They do not last very long but they are called the third state of consciousness and  allow us to extract from the air special substances which are immensely important as they help to create in us what the esoteric science names the higher spiritual body or the coating of the soul. In scientific terms on a certain level of vibrations we do not exist or exist as a wave, unless we remember ourselves, then we behave as specific  particles and can even exist in two different locations at the same time.  I am on an ai psyop program that knows when I remember myself. So there must be a location in the brain where such conscious state is registered. Ai is instructed to instantly activate my nerves in specific parts of my body and effectively end the process of being in such state, it throws me back on the autopilot.

I must assume it is the plan of the global management to control the planetary level of higher consciousness. With the social credit technologies the ai knows exactly who and where is in the third state of consciousness on the planet at the given time and it can have control over it without letting the subject be aware of it. Highly spiritualized beings may protect themselves against it but general population has no idea. Of course an opposite scenario could be considered- to increase the level of consciousness with the help of such technology, but only the personal voluntary effort can do that, it is an internal process. So  it would have to be  a question of professionals with high levels of being who could   explain humanity its position and function in the Universal scheme of things from the scientific and esoteric points of view to make them understand they have been created as self-regulating systems with objective conscience as the light house and higher consciousness as the means to liberate themselves from certain cosmic laws while fulfilling their not negotiable  roles. The ai technology then could perhaps serve in some  form as the wake up call or the reminder. But under the current political, economic and military conditions, where the truth is prohibited by martial laws and governments have no free will, such technologies will serve only as a suppressive tool for the unconscious herd with tragic consequences for the whole planet.

The depopulation conspiracies:

There is another dimension to it, 5 types of electricities in the atmosphere, participating in such psychic processes of consciousness. We have been experimenting with them for  120 years, naively believing they are limitless, we call them free energy. There is nothing free in the Universe:                                                                                                                                            “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”   I Corinthians 6:19-20                                     

 The esoteric science explains the presence of cosmic substances in quite understanding way, I have been posting it regularly in hope that it will spread and bring an element of the common language to us all so that we could figure out what is just a pure misinformation, misunderstanding, imagination or a real danger. There are many questions implied by reading the text and every human being should read it as it is a question of existence of our planet, not just humanity. Politicians at this stage seem to be irrelevant as no one has the power to tell the truth about anything and the hidden ‘nobility’ seems to sin against the Holy Spirit. So from this point of view it is up to us 7 billion people to realize that we do not need 5G and we do not need social credit systems as both will add to the burden of extracting more electricity. From this aspect it would be wise to limit the electrical appliances wherever possible for us. Carbon dioxide is not the biggest threat to our planet, electricity is. What does the author mean by reciprocal destruction of two parts of electricity? Does it mean that there exists  use of electricity which would not destroy these two parts?

Beelzebub’s tales to His Grandson:   Man’s extraction of electricity:

“They have named the totality and the separate parts of this substance, sacred for them also, differently at different periods, and at the present time they name the result of the blending and reciprocal destruction of two parts of this omnipresent substance ‘electricity. ‘
“And indeed, although several times in earlier epochs they had already discovered—of course, thanks always to an accidental chain of circumstances—various means of extracting from the nature of their planet, and using for their various, as I have called them, ‘naively egoistic aims,’ the separate parts of this omnipresent substance, absolutely necessary for normal cosmic processes, yet never have they destroyed so much of it as in recent times

…..And it was at that period of my existence that I noticed more than once
that on certain days the force and level of my active mentation were
perceptibly lower.
” ‘This discovery aroused in me a subjective interest that engendered in my
presence the urgent impulse to acquire a thorough cognizance of the cause of
this fact. From then on, I began to pay attention both to myself and to what
took place around me in order to seek out the causes, and after one “khree” I
became completely convinced that this undesirable state occurred in me each
time our large “life-chakhan,” or “dynamo,” was in operation.
” ‘It was precisely this fact, first observed by me at that time, which was
the cause of my growing interest in the omnipresent cosmic substance and of
my deeply absorbing study of its details.
” ‘My experiments, from the very beginning, brought me an incalculable
number of proofs of all kinds,  that the omnipresent substance Okidanokh is a part of the common presence of the
atmosphere of our planet, and evidently of the presence of the atmosphere of
other planets as well, and that it takes part in the arising of all planetary and
surplanetary formations—including of
course the “khraprkhalikhrokhnian” part of every being— and in the maintenance of their existence.
‘In the course of my further experimental elucidations, I also became entirely certain that although our solar system, like all the other solar systems of the Great Universe, has its own “Ansanbaluiazar,” and that each planet, with its atmosphere, is the specific place of concentration of one or another class of cosmic substances of the given “common-system Ansanbaluiazar,” the cosmic substance Okidanokh is nonetheless an indispensable and even predominant part of the presence of each planet.
‘And later my experiments also showed me that, thanks to the common universal equilibrium, this cosmic substance is concentrated in every system in a strictly corresponding proportion, and is also distributed in strictly determined proportions among the atmospheres of all the planets of the given system Consequently, whenever this universal substance is used up in any part of atmospheric space, either by accident or design, it must without fail be replenished to restore the equilibrium of its proportions in the atmosphere, and this takes place by the flowing in of this substance from other places And this balancing transposition of Okidanokh must be effected not only from one place to another in the atmosphere of each planet, but also from the atmosphere of one planet to that of another, if in this other, for some reason, more than its established norm is used up.
” ‘Finally, I very definitely made clear to my Reason from every aspect, and proved to others, that the omnipresent cosmic substance Okidanokh, present in our atmosphere and constantly being replenished, is necessary for the common presence of our planet and is the most important factor for every kind of arising and maintenance of existence, and also that the essence of every “relatively independent” intra-planetary and surplanetary formation, as well as the essence of beings of every brain-system and external coating, depends on this substance, and I even proved that the possibility for three-brained beings to perfect themselves and ultimately to blend with the Prime Cause of everything existing depends exclusively on this substance.
” ‘I repeat, as a result of all my experimental elucidations, I very definitely
cognized for myself, and acquired indisputable data for proving from every
aspect to all the beings like myself around me, that the destruction of the
omnipresent cosmic substance Okidanokh in the presence of our planet and of
its atmosphere is almost equivalent to the conscious destruction of all the
labors and results of the Most Sacred First Cause of everything that exists ‘


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