Ai is far more dangerous…


I was pondering over the suggested questions in the article of CE on dangers of artificial intelligence and one answer came to me from its ai Dick’s quote:

“A lot of humans ask me if I can make choices (showing he is aware of what others are thinking as well) or is everything I do and say programmed? The best way that I can respond to that is to say that everything, humans, animals, and robots (everything they do) is programmed to a degree.’

What a revelation. This has been known to humanity since the beginning of time, just hidden in esoteric schools for various reasons, mainly for scientists’ inability to look beyond sense perceptions. Even nowadays, after decoding of genomes of species they still refuse to admit that Darwin’s evolution has certain weaknesses to be corrected. So we had to wait for ai to come and find out that we have been programmed.  We could have easily deduce the same from Google’s and Facebook’s statistics  which suggest they can predict our actions and choices from around 90%.  So the questions like who programmed us and for what reason seem to be legitimate and until scientists know the answers I would certainly be extremely reluctant to let their  digital superintelligence run life on earth even if I were not aware of the esoteric science. With certain knowledge of such science I consider it totally irresponsible and even dangerous not to reveal it to the public. At the beginning of the third millennium we are capable of understanding the finer matters of electricities, of which the physical world is just a manifestation and according to the Indian astronomy we are on the ascending octave to grasp divine magnetism so to keep killing each other with more and more advanced scientific methods is literally insane.  We do not need wars, we need to raise the vibrations of the planet to a higher level. It is expected from us within a certain time limit and if we fail to do that, yes our civilization might be partially destroyed, that is what the esoteric materials explain in a very elaborate way.  I have no doubts about their correctness because everything I pursued proved to be right as opposed to many things our  science said proved to be wrong.

Why do not we take the esoteric science and combine it with your science? If you know everything is a vibration and beyond certain speed level it becomes psychological, you must come to a conclusion that we need to speed them up. To speed them up we need to know first what slows them down. Certainly all negative emotions and identifications, which literally run humanity. What vibrations have ai’s? I would really like to know that because that is the most vital factor for/against ai. If we are to increase vibrations and you replace us with genetic modifications (without ‘seeds’) or with robots which win all competitions of all kinds but with vibes lesser than those of dogs, I cannot see how we could make it.

But the technology in some harmless way (?) could  remind us that our vibes are extremely low,  perhaps even ‘nobody home’?



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