To the US/Nato


Everyone who sees, reads,  thinks and feels understands that the state of affairs on our planet is unsustainable. I do not have access to all information as you have but from what I have been experiencing I can quite clearly deduce that for one reason or other you decided to bring this planet to the verge of moral, mental, political, ecological and spiritual collapse. You are using me as a tool to degrade humanity to its lowest denominator so that you can assure yourself that we are animals or more precisely sheep with whom you can do whatever you want. Well it seems correct, with your directed energy psychotronic technologies on hand you can really do almost anything without ever being caught by the secular laws. You are fooling the whole planet and those who see through it you persecute quite mercilessly. I was hoping that the real intelligence which knows the laws of the universe would try to elevate the masses as the builders of the Gothic cathedrals did, navigate them to the  truth, beauty and cosmic order, imprinted in Nature’s works. How naïve I was. Every day I see the  military endeavours of some kind, eventually always creating tension on the international scene so that your global military industrial complex is flourishing, while women and children are raped, tortured, dying of starvation, the species get extinct in an alarming rate and the countries cannot cope with the consequences of your imperialistic planetary weather control. Your own country is subject to some of the most shocking geoengineering experimentations, visible by eyes; cruel neurological and physical and psychological experimentation to which  millions of human beings worldwide are exposed has been going on secretly for decades, without any law whatsoever to protect them from you. 70 % of them are women and you made them subjects to remotely conducted sexually driven hunts via smartphone technology. You gave humanity literally directed energy weapons into their hands when you must have known they would not be able to resist the offer of free sexual hunt supported by financial incentives. Such irresponsibility I would not expect from somebody who strives to be a leader of the planet. You cannot get respect by force. You just get fear based servile diplomatic reactions or resistance. And resistance is growing with number of military terrorists attacks and their victims.

The transhumanistic agenda and 5G technology have not been explained to 7 billion people in any meaningful way for them to  understand the future consequences of such direction.  Nobody explained to them that genetic modifications most likely stop the possible spiritual processes in a human body, that biorobots literally indistinguishable from humans do not have souls but can replicate. When  they mate with humans, will the offspring have souls?

How can such conversations proceed when you keep masses in delusion that the universe is binary, atheistic and we are possible subjects to evil extra-terrestrial  predators?

You know that I know that the SUN mystery has two dimensions and you keep hiding from humanity both,  knowing that by revealing just the first one with planetary science would be enough to bring us all down to knees and we would change the course of history for better. But that would mean the end to your star wars, training of terrorists, reciprocal destruction, religious hatred; transhumanism would transform itself from the pursuit of the external to that of the internal, of which our wildest  dreams are just a reflection and we would return the weather back to Nature’s hands.

You will never do it voluntarily will you….

I am under the martial law so I have no possibility to talk to anybody unless I expose them to heart attacks or some other misfortunes, but I certainly object from the depth of my heart to what you have been putting Mr Assange through. He is a publisher and journalist who informs the public about such  matters and by publishing the materials which were sent to him he attracted more attention to them  than I could have ever done myself. My past is a totally separate issue which he has nothing to do with and  it is extremely unfair that it influences his already difficult position. I consider it disgraceful and not worthy of intelligent human mind, rather resembling the “digital dementia” scenario. Please think about your place in the history.

Yes, I have missed the commandments many times, so have you. The Newton’s third law is our supreme judge.

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