The most intelligent and kindest description of intelligence agencies from Julian Assange

After listening to the interview with Mr Assange’s lawyer Jennifer Robinson on Democracy Now about indictment against Julian Assange I thought how this whole situation is  indeed unsustainable and clearly unintelligent.  It is a clearly political question. Few years back I believe American politicians were asked whom they would prefer to bring the “leaks”, their own citizens or Wikileaks  and the majority was for Wikileaks. Last year the director of Cia stated that Wikileaks is an hostile intelligence agency. Yet I have never heard a kinder and more intelligent description of intelligent agencies than the one of Julian Assange:

“I love the idea of intelligence agencies. I am a fan of the idea of intelligent agencies, because it has a word ‘intelligence’ in it. I like that people know things. They might make suitable decisions. When they are acting in their best they reduce fear, reduce paranoia. If there is something you do not know, hype merchants fill the  black box with the most terrifying possibility of what might be there. But if you really do know others’ states weapons systems, their capabilities etc, it might reassure you that they are not as bad as the most catastrophic scenario and so they can attribute towards peace that way.”

Should not that be the bases for reconciliation which must inevitably come if we want to move towards Heavens?



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