Human vs ai

A while ago I saw on video a testimony of Mr J Comey  at one court hearing, where the judge attracted my attention by very  strange emanations which suggested the possibility of being a robot, but it was not explicitly expressed to the viewer or at least I did not notice that. The judge’s questions and responses were sharp, precise, logical and there was certainly no reason whatsoever to intimidate him. Yet I picked up  slight patronising  from the witness at certain moments so the judge probably was a robot. I could not find the video later.   After seeing the Chinese news presenter who looks just like a human (perhaps because of the  larger distance from the camera or a fake robot or Chinese are better in the production or the Americans do not want to show the best examples for political reasons ) I really wonder why we in the “West” are not directly addressing this robot issue in the main stream media with its overwhelming consequences not just for humanity but for the whole planet? ? With all respect to Sophia she is just another cover up for what is in front of us. Are we mentally so retarded that we cannot handle the fact that the managers of our planet decided to go the way of replacing the majority of humans by robots?

I have found many essays written by different scientists and academics that deal with the ethics of ai creations, but they do not seem to understand what is really hidden behind the transhumanistic way. I am not a scientist but I studied esoteric science in my free time for many years and I learned that everything in the Universe is categorized by the level of vibrations it emanates and radiates. That esoteric path unveiled to me the biggest secret of the Universe all scriptures talk about so I have no doubts about its validity.  The contemporary science proved that everything in the world indeed is a vibration, it has been exploited and misused against millions of people of this planet who serve as guinea pigs in clandestine human experimentation with different electromagnetic , microwave, sonic and other radiations. I consider it extremely dangerous because it changes the very vibrations for which life on our planet was created. The moment we start to mess with the creation by the artificial means,  we must inevitably change their vibrations, change their inner quality we seem to know nothing of ( the musical inner octaves are not detected by digital technologies I heard for example)  and if we do it on a global level, it cannot but lead to some planetary disaster to equillibrate the universal laws.

I certainly do not want to create panic, but does any orthodox science which measures the type of vibrations we emanate and radiate (there is a difference between them)  compares them to the vibrations of a robot – be it a killer robot or a bio-robot? And seeing the bio-robots – it means they have no soul properties and their vibrations could be far less than those of your dogs. What if they become your life partners? Will the offsprings have souls? Nasa proclaimed that everything in the Bible is true and Genesis insists that soul properties come via the creation of the ABSOLUTE, from ITS seeds. Every such species have their own qualities, supporting the soul development. I understand that atheistic scientists do not think that way but the consequences of being third force blind could be indeed catastrophic. Just look at the food chain what happened to it. No one distinguishes a taste of tomatoes from  strawberries or dill from basil  by closed eyes.

If you knew that everything in the Bible is true (even though you have screened it off from the world for one hundred years) would you lead wars against other nations and practiced 5D in your policy program?

There is hidden scientific knowledge which should have been presented  to the world by proper authorities. Instead it is used for selfish imperialistic domination.   The survival of our civilization is at stake, just like the predictions from different sources, beginning with the Bible warn us. I pointed out many times that the population numbers are directed by Mother Nature according to her needs for special cosmic substances we have to transform. If we do not supply them by qualitative means, she has to organize it by quantitative means. It has been like that since the beginning of human existence on this planet.

“Besides this, a special radiation is also required from beings  of the planet Earth for maintaining its two former pieces, now small planets of this solar system, called Moon and Anulios.”

“….As on your planet your favorites begun to dominate and had in themselves corresponding organizations, that is why during the whole time it was so, these vibrations required by Nature were obtained almost through the radiations of your favorites alone. But when Meditation disappeared from among your favorites and the quality of their radiations ceased to correspond to the vibrations required by Nature, then from that time on, Nature begun to replace these vibrations with the vibrations from which consists the essensification as it is called , or the life of the three-centered beings-men of the planet Earth.”

“…vibrations which are formed from substances issuing from men during their existence and death, are necessary for Nature, in quality and NOT in quantity.”                                      Excerpts from The 1931 Manuscript of BT


So in other words, if we human beings understood the knowledge of our ancestors and applied it to life on Earth, not only mortality would begin to diminish, but also the number of births and so the W A R S and epidemics. Not everybody will be ready to accept that but such knowledge certainly should be available to scientists and politicians.





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