Letter to the warmachine

Oct 20, 2018, 10:22 PM (4 days ago)
to letterstothewarmachine@gmail.com

Why I oppose the war machine

My letter to the Pentagon

We have been killing each other for millennia but at least we were facing each other when doing that. Now we use our intelligence and psychotronic science to perform the killing tasks secretly, cowardly, using even the planet itself as a weapon so no human law can catch us. There are exceptions–in those cases we chop the bodies into pieces on cameras at the embassies to send the clear message to the whole planet  as a warning– “L’état c’est moi”. Kali yuga mentality.

But the planet moved out of Kali into Dwapara Yuga stage. The stage where humans understand the principle of 5 electricities of which the physical world is composed and will be heading to the next stage of understanding the divine magnetism…

Reciprocal destruction creates the lowest vibrations on our planet and prevents humans from reaching the higher realms of high speed vibrations. What is so difficult to understand? Pure physics.  Even our ancestors knew about it – “ Inter arma silent musae”. War machine is obviously an unconscious, emotional cripple. Do we need you as leaders of this once beautiful planet?


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