What a madness to live in. I have no access to the news rooms so I just watch and use my odd reasoning.  There is an old -perhaps flemish?- painting of a room with many people around a table, watching one man who keeps their attention by showing them something. In the meantime a petty thief  steals the money out of their pockets. After a further observation one’s attention is led to some sign at the bottom of the picture and from there one can find a tiny dog under the table, hidden from the sight of all.

It reminds me the current horror of Jamal Khashoggi.  If I decide to stage a murder of a known journalist at the embassy in a foreign country, with a death squad arriving in  special plains with saws to dismember the body, I must be either complete nuts or  have a specific plan in mind. I cannot but expect the international outrage, global attention, political theatre because politicians have to react and how can you react when I recently made a huge arm deal with you and other international  businesses are on the way? You will be in fire from all sides including the public. What do I gain? Disdain from all international partners and  I will attract hate of all planet at myself. Am I so strong to show the world I can do whatever I want? I could have killed him somewhere quietly without any drama.

I did not like the news. I somehow felt that it is an intentional, cold blooded warning to somebody who is prepared to talk or show sanity in this insane environment.

Or taking the attention of the planet off something which needs to be done? Or just another experiment of  intel scientists for their ai systems?  I don’t know.

I was listening to the Russian president yesterday, he was asked several times about this incident. He uses diplomatic language but one could perhaps imagine certain hints….





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