A River

I am the one who cannot be mentioned directly or even indirectly  by anyone on this planet who is not prepared to loose his life, to go to prison, to be locked up somewhere,  to leave the country, to loose his social websites, his professional positions and be character assassinated just to name few consequences.

But there are many piggy cowards who will use the photo puddles to make their  universal sleazy points rather than face me with their surely pure conscience. Those are safe.

There is nothing to hide. I said  my story few times on the internet to complement the video cuts of my life,  made by the United States over the span of 60 years, that is about time they have been recording  everything that moves  on this planet by x raying it from their satellites.  In 2010 they passed the tape of my life to  Czech authorities and Czech authorities handled it to the media. That way the video collages of the most picante moments of my life ended up  on the internet and you can watch them somewhere. Why all this?

To get to Australia in 1985 for purely personal reasons I had to trespass the law of two countries and I could not hide it before their intelligences. I explained my situation to the Czech agent and eventually humanness sorted things out.

The most publicised video of my intimate contact with him in 1984 was sold to the internet market in 2010 I believe so basically all my sins are on the palms of your hands and you have had  the privilege to judge  me for 8 years and hunt me sadistically not with the stones but by electronically targeting different parts of my body with various intensity according to your financial dispositions I believe, reflected in the level of my agonies.

Personally I have never been officially contacted by the Australian intelligence but I understood I could have been suspected of being a spy, although I had no intention of doing that and both sides must have realized that.   I did not sign any agreement about the collaboration with any of them, although I signed a paper that the flat of my grandmother could be occasionally used by the Czechoslovak intelligence. It was more or less a formality as she lived there. I am a typical woman who says what she knows so I assume that the court authorities could prove I was a poor cousin of Mata Hari, but I have a friendly nature and none of these two countries could say I intended to harm them.

I have no problem with accepting responsibility for what I have done in the past. There were people suffering under the regime and I got myself out in a shameful way. I owe the apology to the people and I take my current situation as some sort of karma,  but there are millions of others who got into the same situation innocently without the moral garbage of mine. The moment I stand for the breach of human rights my garbage is used as sort of justification and reflects on those innocent targets – they must have done something bad as she did. That’s how the masses react, nothing can be done about it and I have to keep that in mind.

On the other hand to personally witness constant cruelty in many forms of remotely controlled human experimentation creates anger in me and I do not consider you, who perform it, ethically superior  at all. I’ve done what I’ve done, I pay for it but when I see that you react exactly the same way as we did under the socialism and call it democracy, I get sarcastic.

You know that climate change which affects the whole planet is an issue, mixing conveniently two entirely different topics- raising of temperature and sea levels over a long period of time, and planetary weather control, causing droughts and flooding and so called natural disasters by the use of psychotronic technologies. The later has been suppressed in discussions by all participating parties so under such circumstances there is no possibility of solving anything on states’ nor international level. Just usual circus. The planet will react sooner or later. Only a dummy can joke about it.

Do we know the  purpose of humanity’s existence? No. Do we know that Mr Darwin’s theory of evolution is not exactly the most correct scientific explanation of the origins of species? No. Do we know that our Sun does not light? No.  Do we know that our Sun does not heat? No. Do we know what consciousness actually is? No. Do we know that there is no death as such? No. Do we know that Ariadne thread connects us with the Sun Absolute? No. Do we know that life on earth has been created as a  transmitting station of cosmic forces? No. Can we be sure that your 5G will not jeopardize the transmitting of cosmic forces? No. Do we know that the birth rate is regulated not by the Gates but  by our mother Nature? No. Do we know that it is affected by the spiritual quality of vibrations we create? No. Do we know that the lack of quality of vibrations must be compensated by the quantity of vibrations therefore by birth rate increase? No. Can synthetic, transhumanistic body transmit cosmic forces? Not beyond Matrix.  Do we know that human body is designed in such a way that apart from procreating  another physical body it can create the astral/spiritual body? No. Does Church know? No.  Can atheistic science understand the inner octaves of species? No. So can atheistic science create genetic modifications without affecting these creative processes in species? Hardly. It cannot even reproduce the taste nor scent of vegetables&fruits. Can we trust the genetically modified vaccines or chemical drugs? How could we. Do we know there is Heaven? No. Do we know there is GOD? No.

So do you understand that my position creates frictions everywhere for everybody, regardless of nationality, geography, political party, religion or race.

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