The Global Empire’s new clothes alias Climate Change.

Good thing is that there are Government owned scientific  documents clearly stating the existence of Directed Energy Weapons Systems  on a global scale, whose operations are dependent on the specific weather conditions. Control of the weather seems to be  an inseparable part of the US/ Nato military conduct .

Bad thing is that nobody reads such documents so directed energy weapons are still considered the products of delusional minds, despite the fact that every smart phone is a directed energy weapon and is used extensively on millions of civilians by other millions of their fellow piggy beings.  According to the documents – control of the weather is going to stay with us at least till 2030 if we survive that long. The chance of forcing the military industrial complex to get rid of it is minimal as the Climate Change CO2 cover up tale works quite well for all participants be it military, scientists, politicians or weather market entities and  trust in authorities prevents people from discovering that there are two issues mixed together, a) perhaps natural increase of the temperature of the planet and b) military weather control. I read few years back that after 9/11 there were no military atmospheric activities for two days and the temperature went up cca 2 degrees so could I deduce that the planet could be naturally warming up as many times in the history, for specific reasons we would know typically nothing of. What if she protects herself  from what we have been doing to her with bio-chemicals and directed energy beams? When EM beams target a human body  its brain gets fried,  temperature rises and the body itself shivers.  I am not saying it is the case but she is a conscious living being and we have been raping her constantly from all directions. What can we eventually expect? The artificial intelligence claims to highly exceed the human but the ecological impact of our militaristic and scientific endeavours suggests we are not just as primitive and power seeking egoists as our ancestors in dark ages, but with the mind power development we became also arrogant, cynical and emotionally retarded, ready for the sensual virtual reality of the robotic age which will unlikely stay for long. Who would be transforming the cosmic energies we were created for in the first place?  Hardly cyborgs. I have been trying to give hints that there is a vast realm of esoteric knowledge which should be available to all scientific communities before they destroy the environment out of sheer atheistic ignorance, but I have no relevant credentials to be taken seriously so I just have to watch and wait and wait till America is allowed to be  discovered by the main stream….. and then it might be too late.

Weather as a Force Multiplier- Owing the weather in 2025

Click to access a333462.pdf

 Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030:

Click to access a539515.pdf

Future Warfare 2025

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