Nanotechnology and the International Law of Weaponry

via Project Camelot

and there have not been officially disclosed  Directed Energy Weapons yet. Better and better.

The point is, even if you create in the next decades  international laws, how will those laws be implemented?  How will I prove that I was shot with somebody’s smart phone? It was incomprehensible to my mind that the democratic, well educated western society would create a lethal weapon in the form of a mobile phone and give it to the world population with permission to torture and kill. Yes, kill, we are not killed only because of the reduced intensity of a signal. Otherwise majority of hunters would not give it a second thought.

Just a simple look at the military research evokes doubts about the state of their minds. The world is in hands of the scientists, who are competing with each other in who has the sickest and the most evil imagination on the planet and you are financing it, although you know they use civilians as their guinea pigs.  Well nanoweapons have a direct access to the whole body without using smart phones, they are in our food, water, in the air we breath and we have no idea how, when and by what/whom they could be activated.

Again, no international protective laws exist to this day.



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